Indication of a monarch

Often we see people, places and the world right around us evolve, change, decompose, erode, flourish, grow, nourish, become motivated, become stagnant etc. But whatever the case may be, we take notice and to be even more, “real” we often criticize instead of energize. Wait, what?, right? Yes, I too am guilty and have sentenced myself to punishments suitable. However, I have learned from those experiences as I have also been, more so, on the end of the needing energizing instead of criticizing.

The monarch is known as the “king” of butterflies hence it’s name. There are four stages to a single life cycle and they go through four generations in one year. I know, are we talking about people or butterflies? Just keep reading. The four stages include the egg, the larvae (what we know as the caterpillar) the pupa (chrysalis) and then we finally have an adult butterfly. Now, look at this, nobody enjoys or appreciates the eggs, some find the caterpillar interesting-some find them creepy, some like to watch the pupa only to see the moment that the butterfly will hatch and spread it’s wings. Now, this is like us, as people, nobody appreciates us when we are in an egg state, they cannot see the outward beauty we will have from such an unappealing exterior in the future, nobody has time to be patient with the fuzzy caterpillar and very few will stand by waiting, watching, praying, cheering, motivating, energizing, encouraging, protecting you from falling before you can fly while still in your chrysalis. But the moment you begin to shine in all your glory as a full grown butterfly, you’ve survived, you’ve weathered the storms, you’ve endured, you’ve been left behind, you’ve been cast out of the in crowds, you’ve been put down because during your caterpillar hours, your vision was not where theirs was, you did not yet have your wings to soar with the rest of the monarchy. When you were an egg, you were a sticky mess, you didn’t look like anything that ever had been blessed. When you were in your final stage of the chrysalis, it took longer for you to come out and fly than they did so they left you behind, they flew off and talked about you….. but unknowing, it wasn’t your season. See, the Monarch comes out in February or March to find a mate, then they migrate in a northern or eastern direction to lay their eggs and begin the new first generation for the following year.

Now, reflect- in each and every single stage, you are in a full generation of life! It does NOT matter what your current situation looks like, no matter if you are just an egg or if you are now reproducing your first generation, know that every stage is necessary to fly! Forward on, March & April eggs are laid on milkweed plants and hatch out caterpillars. When you have a baby caterpillar stage, it won’t do anything more than eat the milkweed so it can grow into a grown one in about a two weeks timeframe. Now comes a stage where that “weird, fuzzy, slow, fat, antisocial…..” caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis. Now it will attach itself to a stem, and transform. Like people, sometimes some people distance themselves to a “stem and transform”. Sometimes we have to hang by ourselves, to become beautiful creatures. It often feels like we are literally turned upside down on a stem, being wrapped in a chrysalis, the old us smothered out, transformed so our new can emerge. But only then are we appreciated, not many will appreciate when you were an egg, that you had to be alone, you struggled getting a stem of your own, you went south instead of north to find your mate and had eggs….. still looking- went west instead of east for a mate, no eggs but still not in right direction and wrong climate and environment can be near fatal or fatal…. some of your eggs didn’t make it, some of your eggs didn’t hatch, some of the eggs were “different” so somebody has made you feel less than because of that. But on this day, let this “analogy” of sorts be encouragement to you to embrace whatever stage you are in, whatever generation you are in, accept that you are living and growing, when it is your time to fly, you will. Just remember, a moth is formed in a cocoon- made of soft exterior while a butterfly has a chrysalis that is a harder exterior. What would you rather be? Some that will look at you in negative light don’t even realize, you indicate the creation of a monarch. Just embrace it, besides the monarch tastes horrible to its predators. Your life process alone is enough to kill the ones who don’t mean well.

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