Grow as you sow.

This move is showing me something so real. If you are young, just starting out, a new couple etc, keep reading and I hope it gives you some hope and encouragement.

When my husband and I first decided to unite and cohabitate under the same roof, we had very little “things” in the apartment, a bed, a TV (nothing like the fancy flat screens you have to fight for on black Friday now but the very first tube style flat screens), a desktop computer and desk, one pot n pan set, a casserole dish, a Dutch oven, a plate set and few glasses. No living room furniture, no wall hangings but a coffee table lol. Soon after we did get a dining set and living room furniture and decor. We worked for the “things” we wanted to have and could’ve ran to a store and done a fine credit account to buy but he was adamant to not build debt when we truly had all we “needed”. We never went without any necessary items to live but took a little time on the luxury things. (Within 3 months we had the extras)

We moved from VA to CA into a bigger place (due to his career). In CA we built more to our lives. There I said, I didn’t wanna be in another apartment, townhouse or close to or attached to another person or people. I honestly didn’t think he was listening to my ideas on that at the time because he has always been frugal and wants to have money and not just look like we have came up. So from CA to Eastern NC we went next. I flew ahead of him as I had my fill of 29 Palms coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, heat, dead town, freezing cold- you name it! Anyways, he came in to NC, I was with family and he decided to go into Jacksonville to check out places to stay and secure a home. Never was indicated he was even remotely considering buying a house. In fact, the slickster implied renting. I was like okay whateverssss. Well,one afternoon like he had been doing, sent me a pic message with an advertising of a house and said “what do you think?” I said something along the lines of -nice yard and I would like to see inside better and how many rooms and baths? He replied, “good I just bought it!” I was blue faced, literally mouth gaped open like a pelican after dinner and borderline pissed off. His mission was to surprise me and give me what I asked for.

Again, the house- at first seemed a bit empty vs the cozier places we lived prior. But we gained more and more. When we left we had what felt was “too much stuff”. ENC to HI. Got here, seemed empty and as we worked we got more “stuff”. Now leaving HI, I was just looking at how much we have and I smiled and laughed thinking about how we were so “underprivileged” to start and now I am losing it trying to get rid of things, giveaway, resell etc.

Looking back on how we mainly had love, just a few items, to now excess of pots and pans to include that Wal-Mart brand starter kit (now ‘good’ pots and pans- everyone has something they call their ‘good pot’ lol) , furnishings and decor etc. We also have more children, more wisdom, more life and lived through more lessons but we still have more love and survived more struggles!

So, believe that you can grow from where you are if you just stay with it, build as you go and “things” don’t make your residence a home- you do. Home is wherever you are and where your heart is no matter if its a house, an apartment, a townhouse, a rambler in the desert, in between places etc. There will be storms, there will be struggles as soon as you think you are in the clear! There will be road blocks that look like obstacles but are truly detours to a safer route.
There will also always be those naysaying, negative Nathaniel and Nancy’s who are quick to remind you of what you do not have or how you could be doing, those who will have a lot of “stuff” you do not have at the time, always suggesting that you need to do this or that. Ignore the ones who have these suggestions yet are truly wasteful and unstable themselves. You will know who means well and who does not.

Keep striving and believing and the good lord will triple your inventory and your story!

Love & Peace.

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