"Obama-Phone Home"

After repeatedly seeing this image circulating on social media, I’m beyond-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- tired of utterly ridiculous, misinformed, under-educated, unknowledgeable idea and phrase/reference “OBAMA PHONES”.  I urge you to do a little research “FCC lifeline assistance program” It was enacted in the 80’s under Reagan. Remember him??!! Yes, the first celebrity gone White House but at least he was not selected by Russians for America but anyway—- Which during that timeframe, said program was for landlines and called “Life Line Assistance Program”. In 1996, Bill Clinton (Yeah first leader of the birthing of Side chicks) signed “Telecommunications Act” which allowed low income citizens a choice between home phones and cell phones. In 2008, (year Obama was elected the first time) months prior to the election the cell program when into hyper drive because of lower costs.
And hate to burst your bubble (BOOM- POP-POW) our tax dollars directly are not funding this program, not that good old FICA we hate to see on our deductions. Look at your phone bill it’s called a “Universal service fee”. Which I don’t paying to help those less fortunate then me, considering I pay Uncle Sam and nem and they don’t do as much as they can or should! I know a lot of senior citizens who benefit from this program, my aunt who is an amputee is one. Also, You know the ones you see at your local pharmacy having to pay hundreds of $$$ every month for the meds, in wheelchairs, walkers, the ones with oxygen tanks etc., yes them!
You won’t get a argument from me that the welfare system is broken but kill the noise about “Obama phones” already!! He didn’t create this, it was an evolution to modern times!!! OH AND PLEASE WAIT A MINUTE– these are not IPhones, the new galaxy 7, the droid or whatever the latest greatest is— ALL of the people that I know that have them they are flip phones or a little tiny square old nokia style phone with 250 minutes. Here’s one to think about start paying working people a “living wage” In the 90s my first job (one anyway)  paid me about $14-17 per hour depending on unit cleaning, waiting tables on a resort I made $5.13+tips, learning while working as a pharmacy tech I made a little over $8 per hr milk was $1 a gallon bread was $.50 a loaf eggs were under $1 and we could fill a gas tank for $10!! Today some cleaning jobs pay $10 and under an hour, waitresses make $2.13+ tips an hour and some pharmacy techs still make the same! Notice I don’t mention benefits??? I don’t because I wasn’t offered any benefits because they were part time jobs like many today are forced to work several to survive!
People say go to college and better yourself and well I’ve done that several times for various reasons and studies, now I have student loan debt up to my neck and due to go back to school this spring! And nobody has given me a welfare check or checkup to lift me out of this mess! Back when I was younger and adults went to college total tuition for what we pay today for a few credit hours!
We have become a country of greed, prejudice assumptions and by far not for the majority of the populations needs!
And then we have those who think Social Security a entitlement program–fine give me all the money you have taken from me back and invest it in my own retirement plan. If I had to get disability now, retired because of it now- (as I technically could due to scoliosis alone) I would not draw what I’ve paid in and I’ve worked since I was 14.5 years old, even being older I couldn’t get back what I have paid in. And to those who think that “Trickle down economics” is the answer wake up, wake up, wake up- it ain’t the first of the month party! Presidents Hoover, Reagan and Bush tried it and the results were? Anyone Anyone. I’ll wait! The hole has been dug so deep, it’s simply a mass grave and that is for all of us to get in it if we are not willing to demand our futures and plan otherwise accordingly.
The main and only issue that so many of you have is the name that was attached to the benefit is “Obama Phone”. If they’d put any other name and said Republicans did it, no problem. It’s obviously that because we only heard the rage when his name was attached when we’ve been paying for this for years!

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