"Church Folks"

Now, lets be clear off the bat, this isn’t a publication written to convey any feelings of discord yet to grant much clarification as to the difference between “Church folks” and “Christians”. A good friend of mine, also a sister in Christ (Kingdom Kids) posted a status on Facebook about “church folk” and from some of the comments and one in particular from our former Co-Pastor, there’s obviously much confusion on the term “Church folk” and the idea that it applies to “ALL” church goers when in fact, it does not.

Church folk get on the nerves of every last genuinely struggling, wanna do right, live right, striving to find the light “babe in Christ” who is “new” or climbing higher in some or all areas each day the best they know how. These are the people who will utilize every opportunity to tear down another member meanwhile the “Christians” are striving to uplift everyone they meet.  

Church folk pretend to be happy when you get that new car you’ve worked for all year long, pulling extra shifts and attempt to count up how you got that, how much is it running you and talk about why they wouldn’t have it or it’s no good when Christians will genuinely be happy and show support, celebrating your success, will pray covering your blessings and encourage you to go on to even bigger and better things!

Church folk are full of criticism and can find every mistake about you but paint a façade that they’re living centered in the path of righteousness when truthfully they’re in a polar opposite lifestyle. Christians will give correction, but ALWAYS in LOVE. You will feel the difference in how and when it’s said or done to you. Church folk will attempt to belittle you in front of others and a Christian will discuss any issue with you in private or with a mediator not only telling you your wrongs but encouraging you in areas that have shown growth.

Church folk give and do generous acts, large amounts in offering and so on just to brag about it, only in times where recognition will be given. Christians will give whatever they have no matter how much cheerfully and expect nothing but glory be given to God.

Church folk will fret about what to wear to church, what somebody else wore to church, have to gain attention for their expensive attire and make it known the labels, brands and prices while Christians could not care less about natural garments but ensuring that they themselves and their sisters and brothers in Christ will be wearing those white robes on the other side, equipped with the full armor of God, standing firm with a breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, walking in shoes of preparation of the gospel, and wrapped in truth….. NOT if you’re in Gucci or Coogi or Faded Glory, the Christians want to help change your story!

Church folk have a need to be seen doing good, acting good, giving good while Christians will simply just BE as GOOD as they can by faith.

Church folk will come and see you when you are sick, have a time of bereavement, help you in a struggle or unforeseen situation just to talk about what they HAD to do for you. Christians will go above and beyond to help you and never mention a word of it because they know that’s what God wants and what God would do. Christians will come cook for you, bring food, clean your house, have your children, dog, cat, and all while you’re in the hospital and never speak a word of their works.

Church folks will SAY they love everybody but SHOW love to only those who fit their agenda or beneficial to them. Christians actually SHOW love to everybody and have no discrimination to what or whom.

Church folks will use their positions and contributions to the church to control who does what and where in other areas instead of using their positions and contributions to be of help to those struggling in salvation. Church folk will have people feeling cast out and pushed aside, soon back out in the parish and not the pews for speaking from what they want and not what God wants. Church folk have no solutions for growth and healing but have plenty of salt to throw on the wounded.

Church folk will run and report to the pastoral leaders on what they saw other members do but will not report about their adulterous, fornicating, thieving, lying, deceitful or whatever behavior. A Christian will notice or hear something and stop the messenger dead in their tracks and let them know we are not tearing down sister/brother whoever but we are going to counsel and find resources to help lift them up, they’ll find a solution to help that person that might be off track or trying to find their way not push them down further or run all of their transgressions across the membership roll.

These are simply a few examples on the difference between “Church Folk” and “Christians” with a bit of detail. So many wonder why so many have left the churches and aren’t going back, consider maybe it was something you or your leadership has done that pushed them away. If people keep going to the well and as soon as the water gets good, the hydration of the soul is on and then the bottom falls out of their bucket and everyone else at the well walks off and leaves them standing…. maybe that’s why. So many church leaders will love you to life until you fall, slip, stumble or are no longer a benefit to them or they cannot control you. There are Church folk in leadership positions, members too and tearing down the kingdom. A lot of this is why I, myself left our last church and will not go to particular ones here. I am certain it’s not just in this area because I discuss with many people in fellowship who do not attend church, want to, used to but refuse to because nobody wants to go to church to be hurt worse than they are in the street.

This isn’t any “Shade” or throwing stones to anybody but use your discernment to hear from God and pray for clarity on some things. Tell nobody your prayers because sometimes who you tell is who doesn’t need to know and will cover the dirt on their hands.

Thank you for reading and This has been A Mel’O Theory.

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