You talk by Faith, I’ll walk by Faith. (Individual healing)

Individual Healing Since I have been diagnosed with CM1, preparation for surgery and especially since post op, I have found that I am being offered much unwanted and unwarranted advice and I’ve seen it happen to others who have dealt with this before me. As well as it does for other people with chronic illnesses. I’m gonna take a leap and get this off my chest. See, none of us are the same, none of us have identical experiences with the disorder, none of us have the same willpower, support or experiences with daily life. What has happened to you, worked for you, benefited you, hindered you, set you back, failed you, what your Dr told you, or what a shared Dr said likely will not be an identical deal to walk through the finish line. Because you have struggled doesn’t mean that the next newbies will. Not everyone has as much chaos in their condition as many others, sometimes a person might have a very simple case and be healed in no time and others will face a number of surgeries and rehabilitation. But it’s sad that this is where you see the jealousy and envy come in on many cases. There are people who will warn others to not do this and that or you better do this or that or you’ll have a setback because to them it’s unfair that they’re not doing as well, haven’t done as well. Well, perhaps that stony heart posture is why you’re still battling so hard. Learn to celebrate others victories and not assume that they aren’t doing what’s best for them as individuals. And of course there’s those who truly mean well and simply worry about everyone and everything but they usually speak the least often. See, before I got sick, hiking, running, walking, beaching, outdoors life with music in my ears was my release besides working. When I was forced to do less of those things, it took a toll on mind and spirit. The blessings always flowed to me to feel energized and refreshed by being outside in nature. Now post op, I’m making time daily to get outdoors and connect with the universe and God. I have not put my hiking boots back on, but hubs did buy me some new adidas slip on sneakers because it’s helping build my ability to walk steady and rebuild my arches. Furthermore, I don’t have to bend down to tie the shoes up because bending is a no go for post op! See, some of you have seen me post pics of victories claimed yet you’re unaware of the battle for that victory, and you assume. You see me at a lookout in the mountains and assume I’ve hiked the blue ridge mountains and the parking lot is right in eye shot and I literally just had a small venture of faith. I’m just trying to understand how some of you in the same breath can speak of faith but discourage the action of faith. Because I thought faith without works was dead. What someone else might not be able to do or couldn’t do, another might be able to do at a higher capacity just fine, and why? We are different people and probably have different lifestyles and habits anyways. Just as I was warned that I was going to need to have outside food brought in because the hospital food was “healthy and bland” and that simply wasn’t the case. Well it was a healthy option and Park Ridge is an active vegan, plant based nutritional center but they do have meat! The apple wood chicken bacon was delicious!! I usually have turkey bacon but I’m now looking for chicken bacon. I’ve lived off of plants,fruits, nuts and seafood for the most part for the last 6 months with very few exceptions to that. #PracticallyPescaterian But that’s an example of assumptions because you can’t possibly know a persons diet preferences by looking at them. There’s things people post that I know I could never do right now especially but I still wholeheartedly cheer for them because I want people to be great and great at being themselves!! I’m not a know it all,I am not a doctor either, yet I have certainly read so much prior to this surgery because usually everything bad that can happen… usually happens to me! I’ve only had two surgeries before this, one was a tubal ligation and the other a hernia repair and both times my heart cut a donkey! One of which my heart stopped all together! I know I need to walk some every day because it’s a part of my rehabilitation at home, and it’s also combatting the risk of me having a DVT (blood clot) as I’ve had a history with post op before. I have orders from my neurosurgeon to stretch and exercise particular methods daily and I do that. I’m not going against his orders for what any fellow person thinks because they have had an entirely different experience and in most cases an entirely different doctor and an entirely different case of Chiari. But if I sit here and listen to most of you all, I would be tied to the bed with rope and duct tape and using a bedside potty and end up with a clot that’s a whole new beast in its own right. Some of you have a huge, readily available, extremely supportive and and actively hands on type families and friends so you can have your lay around days for weeks on end and you can stay in bed because that’s what you’re used to anytime you feel bad anyway, but not all of us can and we won’t! Does this mean we are not taking our own healing process seriously or that we are not responsible patients? Certainly not! Sometimes you have to choose to adapt to conquer and sometimes the things people have to do that you find risky is their saving grace! If you have been fortunate enough for you to be waited on hand and foot, god bless your family and your support system if that’s your thing, it’s not for me. We don’t all want or like to have that much of an accommodating experience to say it kindly. You may see me outside not knowing how long I have been there, if I’m walking or used a shuttle but there’s always a fool who will speak out of assumption that I can’t possibly know my body and what I need after living with myself over 35yrs. I’m not setting out to make a mockery of the illness, make it look like a cake walk because it’s certainly not, nor the surgery process but I am setting out to encourage people filled with fear that there’s a chance that it will not be a tragic event for them and they can have a positive outcome too! So when you see someone with a chronic illness, a fellow person who is battling Chiari Malformation or any sub conditions and they’re rocking it out, cheer them on and keep that hindering mess to yourself. Because honestly, all the “be careful, rest, use ice, use heat, you need to sleep, take your meds…” that’s not sincere, faux concept of concern that is easily discerned by some of us. I mean, the Drs give instructions on discharge so if there’s a person that’s truly gone crazy doing ridiculous stuff and not listening to their Dr, why do you think they’ll listen to you? They’re not. Choose to fight your way, cheer on your fellow friends how they have to fight. Same goal different strategies! And if it’s any consolation, I’m writing this out while laying down and unable to sleep as my pain meds aren’t working well tonight to help me sleep. So my next step is lavender oil and meditation and nature sounds playing. To give you some online resources from credible sources that state to walk, move etc just as my Dr has-

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