By Design.

My grandmother used to have an old singer sewing machine and of course the only way that you could sew on the sewing machine was to mash the pedal and keep it going by using your foot creating manual power. Well, if you were trying to sit down at this machine and just sew on it without using the foot pedal, expecting battery or electrical action, you can guarantee that needle would not move. But if you put a little action and labor into the process you’re guaranteed to be able to run the thread and create whatever you desire because the design of this machine.

See, A lot like us as people by design as we have an individual purpose, it takes particular action to drive our purpose. Some of us by design are better bakers, made to be lawyers, made to be artists, made to be doctors, maybe you were made to be a servant and/or volunteer being a philanthropist, maybe you were designed to minister, maybe you were designed to be a firefighter, maybe you were designed to be a writer but whatever your design is there is something that is required to take place an order for your design to complete your purpose.

When we really look at it, the thing is so many of us are unaware of our design and we’re also unaware of our purpose for so long that we are fueled by the wrong things that keep sending us the wrong direction we continue to function incorrectly. Have you ever just tried something to try something out, only for you try something else and seemingly everything you do it just doesn’t work out doesn’t feel right and that’s because it’s not your purpose and it’s not in your design to do? Yes, you may even be good at it, you may even feel good doing it but deep inside there something that tells us as individuals that well I’m good at it and I making good money or I’m getting recognized at work, maybe even promoted, a raise or whatever but it’s just not a good fit completely there still a few pieces of a problem rooted deep within. Example, I have a friend who’s a Marine, she’s a bodybuilder, fitness instructor as well. Bro, I don’t even lift currently! So, if I went to fill in for her fitness class it would be a flop! I’m not designed to do that, I have no desire or calling to do that, it isn’t my purpose. I would stick out like a sore thumb. First of all, my current lack of muscle tone would give it away that I cannot teach them anything today and not for a while if I wanted to!

No matter the environment you could have placed my grandmothers Singer sewing machine in, it would’ve still been a sewing machine! You couldn’t have baked bread with it because you put dough on it, you couldn’t have canned jelly with it because you put some mason jars on it, you couldn’t have ironed clothes with it just because you warmed up the needle, you couldn’t have watched your favorite show on it just because we put it where the TVs antenna would reach it. And that’s like us no matter what environment you place us in, we will always be designed for one purpose whether we walk in it or not. I remember when my grandmother stopped sewing she used the sewing machine as a piece of decor and a table piece for other antique items but it was still designed for sewing. So no, matter if you do what you’re meant to do, follow your dreams and so on, you will still be what you’re supposed to be on this earth for. Just don’t allow your purpose to sit and collect dust when you hit a few kinks in the road like Grandma retired her machine instead of getting it repaired. Don’t deny yourself the opportunities to grow taking classes, learn new skills and ways to build in the right direction. Even if it’s one step at a time, live by design.

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