A Mel’ O Brown Sugar Rose Scrub


As some friends, followers and acquaintances have noticed, I’m preferable to a good do-it-yourself product especially skin care or home cleaning products vs a store bought one with the harsh preservatives and toxic chemicals, additives and dyes- oh my!
So I have recently gone back to my old routine of Sunday’s making my potions so to speak. Last Sunday was my rose water day and I didn’t make enough, I ended up on a refill deal yesterday and made enough to freeze some in safe containers to last through the week. While we are on the subject of rose water, what’s that good for? That’s what some of you’re wondering right? Along with, geesh, she’s really into roses…. well I actually despise red roses as gifts but if you buy me a rose bush, I’ll be forever grateful because it’s going to keep on giving. Anyways, rose water- excellent make up remover for starters, great toner and overall cleanser. It reduces redness, combats acne with its natural antibacterial properties, a soothing option for eczema and those lovely summer days of being in too much sun.
So what I did today was created a body scrub with roses of course, I mean hello- they’re part of the kick in this mix!
Ingredients needed:
Dark Brown Sugar (Can Use Light Brown if you want a softer scrub mix however, the lighter the sugar- the less nutrients)
Coconut oil (Organic/Unrefined preferred. I chose Dr Bronners)
Rosemary essential oil (My brand preference is the PURE Melaleuca brand but you can get a good quality oil from your local drug store that’s highly affordable for anyone)
Fresh plucked rose petals. I didn’t measure, I just grabbed a handful and filled my chopping machine that only holds up to– 1.5 cups.

(Feel free to use the collage/photos as a guide included below)


I don’t measure much, I’m more of a look at it and seek texture desired kind of girl. Sorry folks! No Martha Stewart living here on that aspect.

First I blended my rose petals down to very fine pieces then added in the brown sugar (apx 1 cup of brown sugar).




Then added approximately 3TBSP of coconut oil and a few drops extra rolled in. Stirred in a little with the spoon and then began to mix again in the mixer until it looked like all ingredients had folded together well. There may be lumps so use a spoon to break then blend once more, can also add about 10-12 drops of rosemary essential oil at this point or wait until complete but it’s best to make sure it’s blended throughout the scrub as well.

Remove from the mixing cup and into your own personal plastic bpa free container or jar, cover and refrigerate to keep freshest if you don’t plan to use all at once. Feel free to start scrubbing away and enjoying this heavenly scent! Your body and nose will thank you! Also make it yours, add your own favorite oils, but be cautious about peppermint oil- it’s a spicy one but it’ll give your body a pep talk as well as your senses indeed!

Finished Scrub. Garnish of Petals optional.


Benefits of rose petals for skin/scrubs/health- https://healthyfocus.org/8-benefits-of-rose-tea/
Benefits of rosemary essential oil- https://draxe.com/rosemary-oil-uses-benefits/
Benefits of coconut oil- https://draxe.com/coconut-oil-benefits/

By using this recipe on your own skin, a friend or family member, you are doing so at your own choice, will and discretion. While I know these ingredients are safe for me, they may not be for your skin, therefore any reactions occurred are at your own risks. I am not legally responsible for any extremely sensitive skin reactions or allergic reactions, skin damages etc that may occur. This disclaimer is merely a point of protection for myself legally, I do not believe in any way personally that this scrub will cause a reaction for anyone unless by chance you may be allergic to any ingredients used. I do not believe nor have knowledge of any ingredients being harsh for sensitive skin and in fact I have researched finding it to be an aide in eczema and sensitive skin. Yet I am not a licensed dermatologist, nor medical provider, I am a blogger who enjoys making my own skincare products in the natural essence and sharing it with my followers and friends. Enjoy and God bless! 



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