Mothers Caribbean Taste. Holly Ridge, NC

Mothers Caribbean Taste Experience!




BEAUTIFUL, quaint Restaurant serving many favorite cuisines of the Caribbean.
Being my husband is a native born Jamaican, I have grown a strong fondness of these flavorful dishes!
I ordered ackee and cod fish (aka ackee and salt fish) and it was perfect!
I spoke with Shimeal, MCT is owned and operated by her, her grandmother (cook) and mother. Mother travels to get seasonings and ingredients to keep the flavors as authentic as possible. MCT has been open for one month. Town of Holly Ridge loves them! The family traditions of serving wonderful food comes from priding  themselves on fresh cooked meals.
Upcoming in winter months jerk chicken soup, fish tea soup. Also often serves to accompany dinner in evening hours.

Grandmother from Bahamas came to visit and Shimeal took her around to Zaxby’s and Chic a fila and grandmother said “nooo, what are you feeding the kids? Nothing to eat here.” Shimeal asked what she wanted to do about it and grandmother said if she found her a kitchen, she would run it. In Bahamas, Grandmother owned and operated a food truck and restaurant that she has given to her children there and moved to bless Holly Ridge with a flavor so “RICH”.

Fair priced and generous, filling portions! Be sure to check out their FB & IG.

Be sure to swing in and grab a bite to eat and tell her that the “story girl” (Melissa) sent you.

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