First court appearance for Adolphus Earl Kimrey in murder of Baby Mariah Woods.

FB_IMG_1516807190620This afternoon Earl Kimrey, age 32, had his first appearance in Onslow County District Court for First Degree Murder of 3 year old Mariah Woods.

Inside the courtroom we heard the formal reading of the First Degree Murder charge without bond. Additionally, the court appointed attorney for Mr. Kimrey’s other related charges has not been appointed in this charge as well. As of now, no court appointed attorney has selected to take on this specific charge for the defendant.

Following the court appearance, Sheriff Hans Miller answered questions about the charges and this case. One reporter asked, What lead to the first degree murder charge? Sheriff Miller responded, probable cause, autopsy results take time so that can create a delay in bringing charges without enough information to guarantee an accurate charge. He further stated that the OCSO has a great responsibility and obligation to provide sufficient evidence enough for the District Attorney (Ernie Lee) to present a case. We have had an amazing support from various levels of Law Enforcement agencies, citizens and the business community.

Another reporter asked, was the death of Baby Mariah was from the chemical substance chloroform? Sheriff Miller responded, much of the information cannot be rendered as of now but we believe it was used to disable the child.

At what point was she murdered? Sheriff Miller protecting the integrity of evidence and the trial proceedings simply responded, “Wait until the trial.” Further provided that the chemical used (chloroform) was the cause of death.

Will there be any more arrest’s? Miller responded, “no evidence leads to another arrest at this time.” Though he further mentioned that the investigation is still ongoing, is not closed and at the time of reaching more evidence to make any additional arrest’s they will do so.

“How has Kristy Hunter been helpful in this investigation?” Miller responded, she’s provided information needed. Continuing, we must protect the integrity of the case and have to have all actual full reports to proceed and science sometimes takes a long time.

“Was there evidence of sexual assault?” Miller responded, “that will have to be a part of the trial.”

“How has this effected you personally?”, a reporter asked Sheriff Miller. His response, when any small child is murdered, you have to be effected by it, if you’re a decent human. It’s a matter as investigators, we must separate the professional from personal to ensure that we provide justice.

“Why hasn’t mom been charged?” Without probable cause, no charges can be brought though it doesn’t mean the investigation is over.

“What’s next?” Miller stated, “a positive relationship with the District Attorney’s office as well as protecting the defendant. He was further asked, “is Kimrey receiving special protections while in custody?” and responded, “Yes. We have to ensure that he’s not harmed while in custody. We have make sure he’s fed, safe… be sure he’s not hurt.”

“In matter of the hazmat suits used at the home after the appearance, details?” Miller respectfully said, “Be Patient.”

Following the press conference, I personally asked Sheriff Miller could charges not be brought up on Kristy (mother) by definition of the laws in means of Caylee’s Law, Child Neglect and/or Endangerment. He responded that he would have to get the charges to the letter of the law and has to look closer at that and reminded that the investigation is still ongoing.

Source to review NC Caylee’s Law:

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