Health Massage Boutique

received_2062929233718025For January’s Small Business Saturday Segment, I managed to get to spend several hours with Business Owner, Mrs. Freddie Mae Gray at The Health Massage Boutique located in Sneads Ferry, NC. This is quite a unique business and there’s something for everyone. Mrs. Gray is a USMC Veteran and Philanthropist. A portion of profits from the business she said, “Go to making wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair from cancer treatments.” Mrs. Gray has a vision for health and wellness offering affordable head to toe massages whether individual sessions or buying a monthly package.  When asking her what inspired her to explore this kind of business she referred to her personal and relatives history with allergies to pain medications and antibiotics.

Freddie Mae Gray, Owner of Health Massage Boutique

“I am allergic to all opiate pain medications, as well as many antibiotics. My mother is too.  My children are displaying some of  the same allergies. My spouse is allergic to several antibiotic medications. There are many people like us, we have discovered from just interacting and communicating.

So we have utilized alternatives to pain relief  and other illnesses, all our lives.  The chairs in our Massage Chair Forum assist with pain management. These chairs have changed my life, as a veteran with carpel tunnel and many other aches, this chair therapy is a God send.  We have several types of chairs to fit your needs. We have chairs that massage the crown or your head to the soles of your feet. The remote controls are very efficient and you target the areas where you want massage. The massage chair session is very convenient at only $5.00 for a thirty minute session.  YES, you can bring your child to your session, we have a small play area for them where they can enjoy while you do your chair massage, as well as healthy snacks for everyone. All snacks are free with a paid massage session. Or, you many bring your outside meal with you while you enjoy your massage.

Book an appointment, or just walk in. We have several chairs so there is never a long wait…”

While interviewing Mrs. Gray and exploring the Health Massage Boutique, I got to experience one of the massage chairs and it was far better than I had anticipated! If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought, “that’s probably like those chairs at the mall that charge $5 for 5 minutes just to vibrate.” Well, I was wrong! These chairs are so much more than a vibrate and a roller along the spine. You can control your experience with a remote control and actually see on the digital screen where your body is being massaged, adjust speeds, strengths and position from upright to reclined. You can target select area’s or you can go for the gusto with a crown to sole experience. Maker:0x4c,Date:2017-11-28,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-ve

When my 30 minute chair therapy was complete, I was SO relaxed, I could have just went to sleep and it was around midday. Every muscle in my body felt renewed and like there was a significant release. Those of you with chronic pain illnesses, nerve pain and joint pain I would recommend you give it a try! I have a rare and incurable brain disorder (Chiari Malformation) and I wish so much that this business was open before I had brain surgery. I know if this one experience in chair therapy brought me such significant relief, that it could have only been a God send when I faced the worst of debilitating symptoms.


The chair therapy massages are only a part of this wonderful gem! There’s also a thrift store with brand new, pre-owned, gently used items. There are bag sales daily for $5/10/20 and fold and fill as much as you can of the selected bag sale items for whichever size bag you choose to purchase. For $20, on my first trip into the store, I was able to buy four brand new ponchos, two brand new shirts and a hand bag pre-owned in excellent condition. I would say that’s a win when most sweater poncho’s are at least $20 each on sale in most stores! It gets even better! There are mens and women’s clothing, even some up to 3XL as well as cultural wear such as dashiki’s and bohemian style skirts. The inventory also has a nice selection of rain boots, CATS brands and an attractive selection of cowboy boots.

There is also a limited selection of Medical Equipment such as shower chairs. Mrs. Gray will have a certifications soon to assist in reaching weight loss goals. The Health Massage Boutique is a locally owned and operated one stop shop for a variety of your needs from vitamins and supplements, DVD’s ($2.50 each/6 for $10), wet suits for fishermen with booted feet, fax and notary services available at $.50 (cents) per page and if over 20 pages $.15 (cents) a page. Looking for a healthy snack? Vegan based vending machine in store loaded with healthy options!

The Protein shake I had was the flavor of the day and blended perfectly! I generally steer from shake bars because barista’s don’t blend enough for my liking. However, Mrs. Freddie has plenty of experience from working on Camp Lejeune making shakes before opening Health Massage Boutique and it shows in every sip! You receive a free protein shake with a massage purchase, can purchase an 8oz shake for $4.75 and if you bring back your reusable cup from HMB you only pay $3.00! She’s soon releasing a vegan cookbook- “Food Fight: Cocinar Alimentos Saludables!” By Freddie Gray.

For more details on Health Massage Boutique, to book an appointment or contact, please check out their website: or go by during hours of operation.


Hours of operation are:

10am-6pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

2pm to 8pm Tuesdays

10am to 8pm Saturdays

At this time.

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