Former Marine sentenced in wife’s murder.

Christopher Skaggs

In Onslow County superior court today, former Marine Corps Sergeant, Christopher Skaggs appeared at 11 a.m. this morning for the guilty plea. Skaggs was charged in the first-degree murder in the multiple-shooting death of his wife Jordan Skaggs back in July of 2014.

Him pleading guilty to first-degree murder carries a mandatory life imprisonment sentencing without parole. 18 months ago the defense attorneys requested a plea deal for 25 years and it was denied. The state prosecution said in court today that there was no other way in this, there’s only two options, life without parole or the death penalty.

Jordan Skaggs

Jordan Skaggs was shot multiple times in the chest and other areas of the body in their front yard at the Richland’s North Carolina home. She died from multiple gunshot wounds fired by Christopher Skaggs at a distance of about 10 yards or so from him. Skaggs told investigators, “I unloaded the full clip in my wife because she’s been nagging me for a year-and-a-half.” Jordan Skaggs suffered five of those shots in the back and some to the back of her neck, two to her right side, shots to the arms where it is apparent that she attempted to retreat away from the shots. Additional injuries from the medical examiners report showed bruising tot he head and face from acute trauma and hemorrhage’s. There were injuries from blunt force trauma as of recent during the examination, bruising of upper right torso. She had a .30 alcohol content. Her cause of death were gunshots to the chest, neck, upper torso and abdomen.

Jordan Skaggs was a mother of three children, who are now separated. The couple shared one biological child together, two of the children were from a former marriage. She is said to have worked on the family farm, prior marriage to another marine that lead to divorce, and moved to Richland’s in summer of 2012.

Christopher Skaggs was an infantry Marine serving two Iraq tours and one in Afghanistan. He was just 60 days (two months) away from being medically retired from the Marine Corps when this murder occurred. He suffered TBI and PTSD. He agreed to plead guilty due to not wanting to put the children through testifying on the stand.

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