“Wedding Belles” a Sneads Ferry Community Theatre Production.

Opening weekend of , “Wedding Belles” by Alan Bailey and Ronnie Claire Edwards, Directed by Linda McDaniel. Today’s Sunday matinee was exactly what one needed to jump back into the swing of things after Spring Break is coming to an end. This production is quite the comedy, heart warming and full of suspense. The stunning cast for this production is Peg Stonestreet, Judy Corman-Babitz, Noa Hernandez, Debby Merritt, and Sara Cannon. These ladies made this a phenomenal show!

Violet (left) Glendine (center left) Laura Lee (center right) Bobrita (right)

Characters Bobrita Tolliver and Violet Montgomery are sisters who are dear friends and towns people with Laura Lee McInerny and Glendine Slocumb. Laura Lee is the wife of the towns mayor, astrologer taking clients calls for love life advice and has a great deal to do ALL of the time. She doesn’t “have” to do these things but since her husband disappeared she seems to have over compensated with being a real busy body to escape dealing with the grief. She seems to be able to “foresee” in the stars and attend to every and any thing but her self and her house which is how little miss Irma Jean Tatum rolls right in the midst of the ladies planning this years gala. Laura Lee was out piddling in town and managed to squander up a young lady (Irma Jean) who was fresh out of the orphanage setting out to meet her beau to get married right in their town.

Laura Lee (L) Irma Jean (C) Glendine (CR) Bobrita (R)

Glendine is the sassy, classy and a tad bit trashy – seven times married member of the club who added flare and style to the group with ensemble and wit. The group of ladies reminded her that she was the last to need to give marriage advice or wedding advice. She let them know she had the most experience is all.

Bobrita (L) Violet (R)

Violet took the show every line with her senile humor and at times sensitivity because she’d never been on her own and reminded the ladies just how “fragile” she was. Bobrita and Glendine both had taken on caring for her at one time or another. But by the end of the show, there was a change to that.

Irma Jean may have came all this way to meet her beau for nothing. Does Jessie show up or did these ladies plan this whole, impromptu wedding for the unfortunate bride looking for a new start on life, finally having love and being whole? Or did Laura Lee and Irma Jean both find wholeness again?

You’ll have to go out and see next weekend as the final weekend shows happen! Friday nights are wine and cheese nights for all Sneads Ferry Theatre Productions. The show starts at 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights, 3pm on Sunday’s. $10 cash admission adults (no debit or credit cards accepted- cash only $5 admission for students with ID).

Be sure you take a kleenex or two or a hankerchief because you may tear up some and you will surely laugh a lot!

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