Onslow County teen missing from Pitt County. #NCMissing #FindDominic

UPDATE: 4/15/18 Dominic Lopez was found safe in Pitt County.

On April 14, 2018 an Onslow County mother’s worst nightmare began just as she was returning from a cruise. Dominic Lopez, the 13 year old son of Jeanette Rivera was at an inpatient facility originally in SC and in a step down phase in transition as he was nearing the step to come home. While at the step down facility in Greenville NC, Dominic Lopez went missing.

Dominic’s mother, Jeanette Rivera tells us that the facility gave one time to her and another to law enforcement in matter of the time Dominic was last seen. A huge difference in time lapse, first it was 10am and then it was reported to have misspoke and actually 10pm. That’s a twelve hour difference and it gets even more interestingly concerning, his mother wasn’t notified until nearly 11:30pm. The facility isn’t certain of what he was last seen wearing, uncertain of exact belongings he could have taken beyond hygiene items and Legos.

Dominic had a history of sexual abuse as a small child prior prior to adoptive parenting when marrying Dominic’s father. She has worked for years through the avenues of proper therapeutic treatment for him to thrive in life.

Pitt County Sheriff’s Dept has not issued an Amber alert, they believe this is just another runaway.

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