Dear Onslow,

I’ve spent some time out this morning talking with all the candidates on site at the One Stop voting location at public safety. I encourage each of you as fellow citizens to get out and talk with the candidates and address your concerns, ask questions that are weighing on your heart, express your ideas if you have them and see what they say in response. These gentlemen were more than kind and gracious to engage in conversation, and I do mean ALL of them, even the one that I cannot vote for because he’s not in my district. I’m pleased with them as fellow citizens regardless if I will give them my vote or not. (I will write more on the nature of the conversations individually over the weekend but I have no disappointments with any of the gentlemen I was fortunate to speak with.) I’ve addressed concern that the school lunch assistance program will end, well Mr. Bob Williams has been on the board for the last 5-6 year’s and the program is still in place, no plans for removing.

Candidates Campaigning 4/27/18

Make your choices on your ballots with what is right for you and your family with confidence and knowledge.

We need unity, we need to find common ground and work together to make Onslow a better county as a whole! Which brings me to another point, social movements. Social movements have been a part of American societal change since as far back as the Civil War and have created the dynamic in many areas of reform as well as progress. Without citizens being active parts of how we govern ourselves, aid each other assistance as citizens, neighbors, and decent human beings overall. We have a social movement here in Onslow County, Action PAC organization where it seems that the Mission is to actively be involved in communities helping those who need it where they need it as well as occasional and respectful challenge towards government leaders on local, state and federal level. I spoke to the founder today during my time out in an impromptu meeting, Mr. Al Burgess. The good Lord knows, Al and I don’t agree on a lot of things and I am sure lately I’ve been a thorn in his side on occasion but we can argue our sides and then find a medium where we can work together.

However in anything, we are human- therefore, we have emotion and where one citizens experience with a person maybe a very poor one my experience could be great and vice versa. We also have ability to allow emotions to cloud our judgement and occasionally deter from the mission. What we must do as Citizens and humans in general is to sit down with candidates, officials and organizers whether individually or as a collective and ask the questions, have the conversations, and gain clarity, most of all find the common ground that is best for ALL citizens collectively in Onslow County, North Carolina, and America. The first battle is within ourselves, we must conquer our own demons in our own thoughts, drive out fear by taking chances and oftentimes those chances simply mean to speak and to listen. I truly and deeply from my heart, encourage & challenge you all to talk to someone that you may find there to be an indifference or an opposing view and truly engage whether the conversation end where you still disagree but at least you were heard and you allowed them to be heard.

Not as Republicans or Democrats or Independent but as citizens and we can, together!! Have uncomfortable conversations and LISTEN to hear, not listen to respond. Only then, will we find compassion and conquer the ground we need work on. Remember, only love can drive out hate. If we are bickering and creating confusion, that’s not love, it’s not fair. We will argue, we will be angry, we will not approve of every step and should hold each other accountable as officials and citizens. But in everything, God is not the author of confusion, everyone is saying the word of God but hardly anyone is showing it. Let our actions speak more than our words… One love- God Bless.

PS- If any-one or any brand use any part of my work as you have been from my website or social media network pages, site me, link my website or be accountable for the plagiarism since you’re so big on the bounds of education.

Respectfully yours,
Melissa Oakley, The Onslow Beat

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