Mother of Alleged Child Molested by Uncle is “Under Fire” This Week.

Chasity Dawn Keeter also known as Chasity D. Meeks, Chasity D. Keeter (aliases) was arrested on July 11, 2018 by Onslow County Sheriff’s Department for arson at their residence on Firetower Rd. in the Southwest area of Jacksonville, NC causing over $15,000 in damage.
In recent weeks, Keeter and her husband sparked a flame on social media on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page reviews with heated complaints that their 10-year-old son’s open case was being mishandled and overlooked in allegations that her brother Glen Roop had inappropriately touched their son’s genital area. From this, onlookers sent screenshots to The Onslow Beat page via Facebook. In a preliminary phone interview with Chasity Keeter earlier this week, she shared that her brother (Glen Roop) and their mother recently lived next door to them during this alleged event. During the phone conversation, Keeter disclosed that she was on the Sex Offender Registry and that was the reason for her husband doing the live interview and story with another local blogger News In Onslow. Further, in our dialogue, she disclosed in a lukewarm admission, “I messed up a long time ago and I don’t want it to affect my son getting justice.” Well, 2016 is not that long ago. Additionally, Chasity has another upcoming appearance for speeding in August.
After days of communication and data gathering beyond our line of communication, with a good portion of her story not adding up, we decided to dig a little deeper. Chasity Keeter failed to disclose that not only was this conviction not so long ago and in 2016, she failed to mention that it wasn’t “one” incident or “count”. She was charged and convicted of Statutory Rape of a Child <=15 (Felony), additionally charged and convicted with Indecent Liberties with a Child (Felony), also for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Chasity Keeter also disclosed that she was prior convicted of arson when she was 15 years old. She again failed to mention that there have been six suspicious arson incidents that she has been connected to per press release information from a recent press release. She alleges that her brother Glen Roop, since allegedly molesting her son, broke into their home while her husband Preston Eugene Keeter was asleep in the room and set their couch on fire and this incident was prior to this blaze. A police report was made from that initial incident and she claimed that no thorough investigation was done in that matter and that the brother Glen allegedly texted her husband Preston’s phone and asked if their door was fixed. Thus forming the theory alleging that Glen is who committed that matter of arson in their home. Meanwhile, Chasity Keeter has been hot as fire since 2004 in a history of arsenal charges and convictions along with harassing and threatening calls.
Further on, upon being asked if there were any other known convictions of sexual abuse or “registries” in the family between the parties, she said “no convictions” but continued on to convey how Glen allegedly sexually assaulted his daughter and provided screenshots of a conversation with another party on social media. Yet, she failed to mention that her husband, Preston Eugene Keeter is also one to look at as a sexual firebug for a 2010 charge at Fountain Correctional Center where he was found to be engaging in sexual relations with a female inmate. P. Keeter resigned (2) two days following this incident and was charged in the matter. Coincidentally, most records of this incident have been removed from the web and due to a change in personnel, since the incident, there is limited information to have been recovered at this time.
Upon a quick search for (Uncle) Glen Roop’s criminal record, there have been no charges or convictions of sexual assaults or violent crimes with exception of being found guilty of communicating threats to a few parties in 2004. Other charges like worthless checks, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance in 2002, failure to wear a seatbelt in 2003, possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana up to a 1/2oz in 2006, all mentioned are convictions. In a quick search of Preston Keeter’s, just last year he was charged for assault on a female and it was voluntarily dismissed. Well, who could’ve been that female? Don’t all speak at once now!
When asked if there were any other matters where DSS had been involved beyond the recent one where these allegations rooted with the uncle allegedly molesting the nephew, she evaded direct response and deterred to the matter where she claimed that Glen Roop had a prior case with their mother in suspected neglect. However, it has been discovered that just last year in 2017, DSS was “hot” on their heels with inadequate housing per a plea for help with a GoFundMe from her husband Preston last February via FB.


Is it safe to assume that they truly don’t care about inadequate housing considering she is a woman to ruin her kingdom to ashes? Literally. Will DSS or has DSS removed the children from the home to a safe environment? Is Preston capable or an accomplice in this behavior? Or is he a victim as well? So many questions. Thankfully, the children and pets were managed to be saved in this fiery situation by neighbors and a person passing by called 9-11!
It’s safe to believe that our OCSD will complete a thorough investigation on all matters at hand and justice will be served where and as it is due! It’s obvious, there’s a hot case on their hands!
Any information you may have to assist in solving this case, please contact Onslow County Sheriff’s Office at 910-455-3113, Detective M. Hipple at, or Crime Stoppers at 910-938-3273. Please refer to case 2018- -11879 when calling.
Crime Stoppers offers a cash reward of up to $2,500 for information that is deemed of value or assistance to law enforcement. Information can also be anonymously texted via Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Callers to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous and never have to reveal their identity.Jade Bloom

UPDATE- Keeter charged in nude photos.

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