Murder Mayhem Series Exclusive: Intro.

Onslow County is a growing, Central-Eastern NC County that is diversely populated with the military with the largest Marine Base on the east coast and civilians who’re natives to the region. Like any other place, there’s crime. Which brings us to this exclusive Onslow County Murder Mayhem Series, exclusively with The Onslow Beat.

So far, there are Twenty-two confirmed defendants with open murder cases or those associated with a murder. Seven of the twenty-two have dates that are set on the calendar to be heard in Onslow County courts as early as August and the latest being September 2019.

This series will take each case and bring attention to the historical facts of each case, as the trials and verdicts unfold. Each individual victim deserves to have attention to justice in their name. Walk with The Onslow Beat through the Murder Mayhem Series for 2018, though the dates of these heinous crimes have occurred much prior. There will be more added as additional cases are added to the list and trials set.

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