Murder Mayhem Series Vol.1 No.2: Son of slain Elmer Hudler trial soon to begin

UPDATE: On October 3, 2018 Josh Hudler, the son of Elmer Hudler was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 25 years in prison for second degree murder of his father.

The DA never had intention of seeking the death penalty.

On April 21, 2014 Elmer Lee Hudler was shot three times in the head with a .25 cal pistol, in his bed, in his home nearby Dixon High School in the Holly Ridge, NC area bordering Sneads Ferry. His son Josh Hudler hired William Zach Parker to kill his father for $250,000 in life insurance money where there was a deal for Josh to pay William (Zach) a weekly amount of $1,000 into an untraceable account to carry out this deadly plan. Parker was allegedly not aware that the target was Hudler’s father until nearing the scene of the home.

District Attorney Ernie Lee reported that the two men were looking for money to pay for heroin. Josh Hudler had been known to steal from his father in the past, using the money to buy drugs.

Honorable Judge Chuck Henry sentenced Parker to between 25-31 years in prison for killing Elmer Hudler as a part of a plea deal. Additionally, as a part of the plea deal Parker agreed to testify against Josh Hudler. Per Vinelink, Parker is currently still in the custody of Onslow County Detention Center.

Early on, Parkers wife went to investigators and told them that it was Hudler’s plan to kill his father for the $250K insurance policy and confirming the plan of payment of $1000 a week, said DA Ernie Lee.

Mr. Elmer Lee Hudler was a well-respected business owner who was known to be able to repair almost anything.

The state prosecution will not be seeking the death penalty in the case of the son Josh Hudler and on the calendar to appear in Onslow County District Court on August 29, 2018, for (4) Felony Probation Violations Out of County per N.C.G.S 15A-1345. The trial for the murder of his father is set to begin September 10, 2018, just five days after what would have been his father’s 64th birthday.

Will update as more unfolds in the case and correspondence with the DA Office.

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