Military Police Officer of Jacksonville NC Arrested on Charges of Sexually Assaulting a Minor Family Member.

Military Police Officer attached to Camp Lejeune USMCB arrested on Statutory Rape of a 15 year old family member.

Today Onslow County Sheriff’s Office reported in an official press release this afternoon, the arrest of Jario Palacio age 42, of Dawson Cabin Road on charges of sexual assault with a minor. In an investigation that was conducted by Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit that responded it was determined that Jario Palacio with a 15 year-old-female while at the family home.  Palacio is also said to be a family member of the victim. Palacio is a military police officer aboard USMC Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC.

Palacio was out of the country when the investigation concluded on August 3, 2018 and he was arrested at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on August 7, 2018 upon return with assistance of Raleigh Durham Airport Police. From Raleigh, Palacio was transported back to Onslow County where he was officially charged before a magistrate for Statutory Rape of a Child Less Than 15 years of age. NC statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under the age of 16. A close in age exemption exists when the perpetrator is less than 4 years older, this is also known as the “Romeo and Juliet Law”. Example, if a person is 18 and the minor is 14 or 15, the exemption could apply. That exemption doesn’t apply here in this case whatsoever as Palacio is twice plus the age of the minor family member who he engaged in consensual sex with.

Being the minor was stated to be a family member, some have asked about incest laws in NC. It honestly depends on the family relationship as in the line of kinship as well as the crime specified. Practically, in NC, you cannot engage in sexual acts with your siblings, grandparents, parents, nieces or nephews, aunts or uncles, children or step children but this law in particular doesn’t say anything about “kissing cousins”. Yet, ethically, the vast majority of us don’t recommend kissing cousins or engaging in sexual relations with them, especially as minors, even consensually because it can still land you a statutory rape charge in the state of NC. Seems to be that NC says it’s only okay if it’s your adult cousin and you’re an adult or over the age of consent which is 16 years-old.

The North Carolina code § 14-178 defines three degrees of the crime incest, each with associated punishments. The degree of the crime depends on the specifics of the crime committed, with higher degrees of the charge generally receiving harsher punishments. But no worries for you inbreeders, good ole NC says it’s perfectly fine for you to marry your first cousin as long as you aren’t double cousin kin. Double cousins means you are first cousins on your maternal and paternal lineage. Example, if your mother’s sister married your father’s brother and they have children, you cannot marry one of their off-spring (children).

Palacio is the father of the 16 year-old Dixon High school teenaged boy, David Palacio who was hit by an oncoming car crossing the street to board the school bus outside of his Dawson Cabin Road home in an accident in March 27, 2017. Jairo Palacio is married to the mother of his son and last known living together in the family home still grieving the loss of their son.

Jairo Palacio is in the custody of the Onslow County Detention Center under a $100,000 SECURED BOND.

Anyone with information about this incident may contact Onslow County Sheriff’s Office at 910-455-3113, Detective C. Parrish at or Crime Stoppers at 910-938-3273. Please refer to case 2018- 013246 when calling.

Crime Stoppers offers cash reward of up to $2,500 for information that is deemed of value or assistance to law enforcement. Information can also be anonymously texted via Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Callers to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous and never have to reveal their identity.

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