National Night Out 2018

National Night Out events have taken place across the nation last night for the cause of celebrating crime prevention with demonstrations and games. Additionally, a time to meet and greet our law enforcement officers, thank them, get to know them, ask questions about how we can better serve as citizens along with them in our communities.

This year’s event in Onslow County was a huge success and believed to be one that marks the best event overall, we agree. This event has evolved more annually and become a beautifully diverse event representing one area that we Onslow County citizens are homogeneous and that is, we all love good food!

Laughter filled the atmosphere from the tender ages to the seasoned church mother’s, open arms were extended to embrace strangers or friends who haven’t crossed paths in a while, the down home southern aroma of fresh fried chicken and fish sandwich plates sold at local church vendors, smoked turkey legs for the picking, seafood vendors with fresh local served shrimp, the sighting of the passersby swiftly escaping to a space to indulge peacefully into the powdered sugar face of a funnel cake.

There were far more vendors, more community organizations and businesses set up to give lots of valuable information, some of our political candidates under tents and out walking around engaging with young and old to build or maintain support for November, members of social movement organizations wore their shirts in the crowd to represent.

Onslow Love Social Movement Organization Member, Daina Hendricks in conversation with fellow citizens.

Coastal Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention

Coastal Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention (CCSAP) is a five-county coalition covering Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow and Pamlico counties. The Coalition is working on the 5th year of a Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grant through the Office of National Drug Control Prevention (ONDCP).

With August being Overdose Awareness month in combination with community crisis at a time as this Mrs. Cindy Patane (L) and Mrs. Vanessa Boyles Sapp (R), founding mother’s of Sneads Ferry’s H.O.P.E, advocate tirelessly for the cause of preventing any family from the heartache they’ve faced losing their young son’s to overdose. These beautiful women turned their grief into a gift, offering help to the helpless families from the streets and agencies of Onslow all the way to the state capital and beyond. Women to be admired, definitely a part of crime prevention.

Of course what would it be like if we didn’t have a partnership with the USMC through the community and unity amongst agencies? Not much fun and definitely less fighting force. Children managed to get chances to board various vehicles on display, operate military grade robotics. Folks, these will likely show up on your Christmas lists this year!

Thank you to Jacksonville Public Safety, Onslow County Sheriff’s Department, Camp Lejeune USMCB, local churches, fraternities and all of the great county agencies and other like organizations who made this event a tremendous success, your hard work and dedication to the people has not gone unnoticed!

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