Onslow Co. SRO FIRED & CHARGED for Child Pornography this week. Held Out of County!

Now former Onslow County School Resource Officer FIRED for 3rd Degree Child Pornography, being held in Craven County.

Mark Perrigo, a now former Onslow County School Resource Officer, formally arrested on 08-08-18 for multiple counts of possession of child pornography or as technically known, § 14-190.17A. Third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Perrigo was just days out of retirement from the agency and charged after an investigation by our State Bureau of Investigations (NC-SBI). This was a very wise decision to utilize investigative outsourcing up the chain from the bureau beyond our local sheriff’s department, all local officials considering it is a political year and particular social movement organizations, faux leaders and social media sensations utilize every avenue to degrade, slander, dehumanize, and outright trash every person in our government who opt out to the fall under command of their strings, performing as puppets in a preschool play. #BackToTheBeat

Perrigo was transported from Onslow County to Craven County for safekeeping to protect the integrity of the on-going investigation, the defendant as a now-former officer, the agency itself and our Sheriff who seems to always face scrutiny regardless if he goes left, right or stands in plain sight for what’s right. It’s safe to say that our Sheriff is non-biased sending one of “his own” out of county as he has habitual, at risk terroristic offenders who pose risk to jailers and themselves then place blame on the “system” and “HINES MILLA” which is really pronounced as it appears, “HANS” with a short sounding “a”, is of German origin meaning “Gift from God” and “God has been gracious” and well, this isn’t Your Baby Can Read or Hooked On Phonics, so learn the rest at your own will and as the church says, “AMEN”. We are blessed in the city and in the field, when we come and when we go, “For the People!” as our Sheriff says!

(Insert Praise Break)

Back to “professionalism”, It’s illegal under the State of NC and federal law to produce, transport, own, receive or share child pornography! Why? Since perverts like to always ask “why?”. Why is because NO IMAGES of child pornography are protected speech by the US CONSTITUTION! It is considered to be a form of child sexual exploitation, regardless of if it is matters of modern day where child porn is readily available and transcribes via computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Under NC Law, we can see the following felonies occur in instances as this:

  • 1st Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (Pornography Production of a Minor) which is a Class C FELONY carrying a sentence of a minimum of 44 months and max of 92 months for a FIRST-TIME offender.
  • 2nd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (Copying and/or Distribution of Child Pornography) is a Class E FELONY carrying a sentence of a minimum of 15 months and a max of 31 months.
  • 3rd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (POSSESSION) (Perrigo’s case) is a Class H felony that carries a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 8 months sentence.

If in the case, the offender has had prior convictions or if the imagery involved violence or sexual abuse of the child, he or she will face even harsher penalties. From what we have discovered thus far, Perrigo has (3) three offenses listed on the court calendar system with (3) of the same charge listed per each offense in the same.

Most child pornography and exploitation of minor convictions lead to registering on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry and once registered on the list, a person can be listed for life or as little as (10) ten years.

In light of “minors”, it refers to any person that is under the age of 18, though the age of consent in NC is 16, that doesn’t carry for child pornography or exploitation of minors.

In any case, federal prosecution is subject to occur, as any and all child pornography is prohibited under federal law and any person who attempts, conspires or in fact does commit an offense of child pornography is subject to prosecution as such per the US Dept. of Justice Citizens Guide on Child Pornography.

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