DA Lee working with SBI on Warsaw Waffle House case review, pending further investigation

Back in May of this year a young African-American male, Anthony Wall, age 22 and a Warsaw Police Officer, Frank Moss Jr became a viral topic to what now is an investigation of excessive force by the officer outside of a Waffle House location there. There was video footage uploaded to Facebook that created a viral outrage. Since this began the Warsaw police chief Eric Southerland utilize the SBI to investigate this matter further.

Inside the Waffle House, Wall and his sister sat down after prom at a table that hadn’t been cleared yet. Employees inside of the Waffle House  allegedly spoke to him and his sister using homophobic derogatory attacks. The two siblings are seen in prom-formal attire on the scene in video footage. This lead to law enforcement being called and later leading to the Warsaw Police Officer Frank Moss, seen in the video “choking and slamming” Anthony Wall against the wall and the ground in attempts to apprehend.

The Onslow Beat received an update from The District Attorney’s Office from DA Ernie Lee, Tuesday, August 14, 2018, updating that the office received and downloaded the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation report from the portal on August 14th at 4: 11 p.m. The report was then printed and provided to DA Lee at 4: 50 p.m. on August 14, 2018 (Tuesday).

DA Lee notes that the report is substantial in length including videos and other evidence provided by the SBI that will be reviewed by District Attorney Ernie Lee and Assistant District Attorney Arnetha Gillis.
“I was in contact with the SBI at 5:27 p.m. today and the SBI has in its possession numerous videos that will be provided to this office as well. I do not have those videos at this time but anticipate those very soon. This office will make and announce any decisions after thoroughly reviewing the evidence and consulting with the SBI.”, said DA Ernie Lee in his formal press release.

To review the initial video to this story that circulated on social media- https://www.clipzui.com/video/l3g3l5n4v2n5e3h3z4g5q3.html

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