Repeat sex offender charged with multiple offenses sending digital images of own child.

In July, The Onslow Beat published a story on Chasity D. Meeks, Chasity D. Keeter, (Chasity Dawn) (aliases) for an arrest on July 11, 2018, by Onslow County Sheriff’s Department for arson at their Firetower Rd. residence at that time in the Southwest area of Jacksonville, NC.

Since this occurrence, The Onslow Beat has maintained a track of observation on matters involving the cases between Meeks (Keeter) and her brother William Glen Roop who she and her husband Preston Keeter accused of molesting their 10-year-old son earlier this year near the family home.

Meeks and her husband have also filed criminal charges and civil no-contact order papers in Onslow County Court against Glen Roop (her brother). On August 27, 2018, in Onslow County Civil Court Chasity D. Keeter presented a “show cause” against her brother Glen from a No-Contact Order that was issued in Onslow County Court by the honorable Judge Carol Jones. During this show cause hearing, Chasity Keeter went after her brother Glen on the stand with screenshots and alleged, hot claims of text messages sent from an app “Text Now”, that Roop claims he did not send. Now, here is a little more depth to this situation, in many conversations with Mr. Roop, it is apparent in a number of interviews and conversations that he is not a very tech savvy kind of guy or competent in that area as accused. Mr. Roop has received a number of misdemeanor charges in the last three months for cyberstalking and communicating threats and due back in Onslow County Court 11/01/18 as a defendant in cases with his sister (Chasity) and her husband (Preston).

In more discovery, this month, Chasity Dawn Meeks (Keeter) was arrested on October 5th on a warrant issued on October 4. 2018 by Jacksonville Police Department with (5) total counts and (3) three offenses which in part out of Alamance County, NC and combination of the Jacksonville Police Department agency:

  • (2) Felony second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor –

ALAMANCE NCG.S 14-190.17 Court Date: 12/19/18

ONSLOW Court Date: 10/29/18

  • (2 )Felony disseminate obscenity-

ALAMANCE. NCG.S 14-190.1 Court Date: 12/19/2018

ONSLOW Court Date: 10/29/18

ONSLOW Court Date: 10/29/18

Meeks (Keeter) has been charged on accusations of distribution of a photo of the 10-year old boy, who has been confirmed to be her natural child, exposing himself to two others per the arrest warrant.

The warrant reads, “I, the undersigned, find that there is probable cause to believe that honor about the date of offense shown and in the county named above the defendant named above unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did knowingly and intentionally possess obscene material, DIGITAL IMAGES OF HER 10 YEAR OLD SON WITH HIS SHIRT HELD UP WITH NO PANTS ON OR UNDERWEAR ON, EXPOSING HIMSELF, with the purpose and intent of disseminating it unlawfully.

I, the undersigned, find that there is probable cause to believe that honor about the date of event shown and in the county named above the defendant named above unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did distribute PRESTON KEETER AND DEBRA MEEKS NUTTER material containing a visual representation of a minor, -MINOR CHILDS NAME LISTED- (10 YEARS OLD), engaged in sexual activity, CONSISTING OF A PHOTOGRAPH OF -MINOR CHILDS NAME LISTED- WITH HIS PANTS DOWN, the defendant knowing the materials content.”

Arrest Warrant

Now, to recap, in The Onslow Beat’s July story on Keeter (Meeks) it was made clear her and her husband’s then-recent allegations in a social media accusing her brother Glen of molesting this same 10-year-old child that she has now been charged in a sex-related crime against. *click the link to read the July story

Additionally, Keeter (Meeks) has other court appearances as well for misdemeanor charges of cyber-stalking. She is on the Onslow County court calendar for (2) two-counts of cyber-stalking and to appear in court 11/29/18 and on the Alamance calendar for 12/19/18 for (1) one-count of cyber-stalking. A speeding infraction on 12/18/18 and for the felony second-degree arson on 11/14/18.

Keeter (Meeks) was released on a $31,000 bond, has been on an ankle monitor since her last “hot” crime and prior probation.

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