Murder Mayhem Series Vol.1 No.3 Second man goes to trial in 2012 Bingo Hall Murder


Jurors selected to determine the fate of James Edward Williamson told The Honorable Superior Court Judge R. Kent Harrell, they have been unable to come to a unanimous verdict surrounding the suspect that is charged with second-degree murder in the violent death of Kim Flournoy in 2012.

District attorney Ernest Lee rendered closing arguments this morning reminding the jury that Williamson and his friend had planned to rob Kim Flournoy because they knew she had at least $100 cash in her purse.

During trial this week Williamson’s consistently delinquent financial history was exposed for the jury and submitted into evidence. Today the jury requested to review all bank statements again as well as video footage from outside of the TNT Bingo Hall on the night Flournoy was slain in the robbery.

The state said Williamson drove the getaway car after his friend Larry Forrest attempted to rob Flournoy and then shot her.

The jury has been sent home for the weekend and ordered to return Monday by the judge.

This case has been in the hands of the jury since early this Friday morning after a 10 day trial.


After almost six years, the second man involved in the brutal murder of Kim Flournoy of Jacksonville, NC goes to trial this week in Onslow County Superior Court. Kim Flournoy, age 65 was robbed and killed as she entered the T-N-T Beach Bingo hall in Jacksonville with over $500 cash in her purse on December 30, 2012. Police reports told that Larry Forrest shot the 65 year-old woman in the face, through the eye while the second man, James Williamson drove the getaway car that was rented from Albert Ellis Airport.

The triggerman in this murder, Larry Forrest, then age 21, admitted to shooting Flournoy and was sentenced to 35 years last November after accepting a plea deal that spared his life facing the death penalty for capital murder. Forrest pleaded guilty to second degree murder, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Larry Forrest

Forrest was a U.S. Marine and a PFC (private first class) and an ammunition technician for the 2nd Supply Btn Combat Logistics Regiment 25 at the time of his arrest on April 16, 2013.

James Edward Williamson, then age 22, was charged with an open count of murder, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Williamson was also a Corporal as an active duty Marine at the time of the murder.  Williamson’s trial will begin tomorrow.

James Williamson

Earlier reports alleged the involvement of additional parties in this horrific and senseless act of gun violence where the gunman left in a 4-door white Dodge Avenger with “several” people inside of the vehicle.

Mrs. Flournoy was a widowed wife of a retired Marine, mother, grandmother and employed aboard Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, NC. More than $20,000 was raised towards reward money for information on who was responsible for her death. Flournoy had just turned 65 years-old two days before she was killed outside of the T-N-T Beach Bingo off of Henderson Dr. in Jacksonville.

State prosecutors in this case are DA Ernie Lee and Senior ADA Mike Maultsby.

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