Rayne Wilson still missing after a month

In Dec. 2018, The Onslow Beat published a story on 15-year-old Rayne Wilson who was reported missing out of Columbus County, NC. She was last seen getting off of a school bus and into a gold car on Nov. 19 at about 3:15pm at the Bolton youth center.

The Onslow Beat published on Dec. 15 on social media (Facebook) the missing person’s information and photo that rapidly gained over 1,000 shares. From that, a Facebook profile by the name of “Rayne Wilson” commented on the post a few days after many people began sharing in concern and she quickly deleted those comments. This Rayne Wilson profile also began to communicate with The Onslow Beat via messenger on the network. Immediately all proper channels of communicating with authorities were attempted as mandated to report by law.

What we have learned from a phone interview shortly after the initial story, with a close family member that Rayne’s mother is alleged to be battling addiction and her father is alleged to be incarcerated for drug related charges. Additionally, in the conversation with Ms. Wilson, she confirmed this as she was vocal about this as well.

Wilson expressed that, “DSS made my life hell!” This is often the case emotionally for many teenagers who are forced into foster care situations. Wilson allegedly was living with her grandmother where there was a matter of conflict in regards to her ability to remain there in some light. It is believed that this is the root cause of her running away.

In the matter of the juvenile contacting The Onslow Beat directly, contact for follow ups and updates have been maintained with Columbus County Sheriff’s Dept. to hopefully see this young lady provided the help she needs and ensure a safe, productive environment.

Last week in a phone interview with Chief Herring of Columbus County Sheriff’s Dept., following much conversation with Det. DiCicco who’s the investigator of this case, he reported that there have been numerous avenues taken find Rayne Wilson with no success at that time.

“As of Friday, law enforcement still has been unable to located Ms. Wilson.  An outside agency assisted us last week with attempting to locate her at a possible address but they were unable to locate her.  We are still actively searching for Ms. Wilson and are receiving assistance from other agencies in the areas that she is known to visit.” -Chief Herring.

There is still an open and active missing persons report for Rayne Wilson. If you have any information on her whereabouts, see her or have experienced a sighting, please contact the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department and speak with Det. A. DiCicco.

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office

805 Washington Street

Whiteville, NC  28472

Phone: (910) 642-6551

Fax: (910) 642-4321

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