Shutdown 2019 Tax season delayed but taxpayers will be paid

Businesses across America have began to pose concern of economic loss as the shutdown continues in light of Congress not being able to come to terms on budget funding for the border wall that Pres. Trump made his primary campaign promise on.

During a government shutdown, the IRS generally doesn’t perform audits, payout refunds or offer any assistance to taxpayers with questions beyond filing season.

The now 18 day boxing match between Pres. Trump and the Democratic congressional leaders to fund the government was thought to tax refunds to the millions of Americans that are owed money after paying into the tax system all year in the working class.

There have been hundreds of changes in the 2018 tax season from standard deduction and child tax credit doubling. If you didn’t change your W-4 or withholding, your return could look very different.

As of Monday, the White House Office of Management and Budget reported that refunds will be paid regardless if the shutdown goes on into filing season.

If you want to call the IRS, go ahead, but no one is there to answer questions just yet. Well, at least not a live person, you can still get automated asssistance at the headquarters but regional offices you will hear a message like this clip.

Nonetheless, tax season will begin Jan. 28, 2019 with furloughed employees being called back to work. The agency says there will be a lot of employees who will be required to return to work and without pay. The IRS opened the filing season on Jan. 29th last year. The due date for filing season remains the same being Apr. 15, 2019 with exception of residents of Maine and Massachusetts who have until Apr. 17, 2019 to file federal income tax returns.

Many tax preparers are concerned that taxpayers will put off filing because of the potentially delayed refunds but they suggest to still file early because once the government does open again, your return is already being processed, you don’t have to join in the mad rush aftermath like everyone else who delays.

Software companies and tax preparers will be accepting and preparing tax returns before Jan. 28 and will submit the returns once the IRS system opens Jan. 28th.

Tax payers who earn under $66,000 qualify for IRS Free File.

More than 70 percent of taxpayers qualify for free tax software through IRS Free File. This special service is‎ available only on or through the IRS2Go ‎mobile app. The app allows taxpayers to use a smartphone or tablet to prepare and file their tax returns.

IRS Free File lets taxpayers who earned less than $66,000 prepare and e-file a return for free. Go to and click on the ‘File’ tab for options for using commercial tax software. Those who earned more than $66,000 are still eligible for Free File Fillable Forms, the electronic version of IRS paper forms.

The most effective and swift filing method is e-file. The IRS strongly urges this method to minimize errors and process faster refunds.

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