In a press release issued Monday evening after anticipation from supporters in the community, Phil Law formally announced on his campaign page on the social media network, Facebook that he was in fact going to be a candidate in the 3rd district congressional race.

This comes in light of Rep. Walter B. Jones being absent from duties since Sept. 2018 with an undisclosed illness and potential retirement from office.

Phil Law is an Onslow county businessman and Marine corps combat veteran, he will formally announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District Tuesday evening at the Onslow County GOP Executive Committee meeting at the Golden Corral in Jacksonville.

Law will stress the need to combat illegal immigration, address the ever-increasing federal debt effects on a stagnant eastern North Carolina economy and the need for health care reform. In addition, he will focus remarks on the need for the country to rally behind president Trump in the current battle over border security.

“President Trump is fighting for us every day and needs our support which I will stress each day on the campaign trail. We cannot allow radical Democratic officials to nullify the vote of the people through phony impeachment charges. If this is to become president Trump’s Alamo then I stand with him to the very end — win or lose,” Law said Monday evening.

Law and his wife, Erin, have three children. He makes his home in Jacksonville, NC.

CONTACT: 910-238-2417

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