Search continues for missing toddler Casey Hathaway

Volunteer support poured in by the hundreds Wednesday morning to help search for three-year-old missing toddler, Casey Hathaway in Craven County.

So many volunteers showed up today, authorities are now managing volunteers at a staging area to transport to needed search areas. The location for volunteers is 2755 Aurora Rd at New Havens Church gym.

Deputies said Casey Hathaway went missing from his grandmother’s home, in Ernul, around 1:45 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd where he was outside with two other young children. The other two returned inside the home from playing outside in the backyard.

Officials said the grandmother and several others searched for Casey for 45 minutes before calling 911.

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said his deputies have not ruled out any possibilities in the boy’s disappearance, including “abduction or kidnapping.” However, the FBI, who is assisting in the investigation, said they have no reason to believe the boy didn’t just walk away and is now lost.

Live Stream afternoon conference with Sheriff Chip Hughes

Craven co. temperatures reached below freezing, with lows in the 20s for over 6 hours last night according to the NWS database.

Casey is 2’4″, weighs 25 pounds, has strawberry blonde hair, and brown eyes.

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