JUST IN: 9-11 Call Audio in missing report of 3 year-old Casey Hathaway

The Onslow Beat submitted a request to Craven Co. EMS Director, Stanley Kite for 9-11 call audio release where the missing toddler, 3-year-old Casey Hathaway was reported missing on Tues., Jan. 22 from his family members back yard where he was reportedly playing with two other child relatives, a sibling and a cousin.

Officials authorized the release of this 9-11 call audio today and the 9-11 call has been edited to adhere to NC 9-11 recording laws which protect some particular information.

The contents of “911” and other emergency telephone calls received by or on behalf of public law enforcement agencies, except for such contents that reveal the natural voice, name, address, telephone number, or other information that may identify the caller, victim, or witness. In order to protect the identity of the complaining witness, the contents of “911” and other emergency telephone calls may be released pursuant to this section in the form of a written transcript or altered voice reproduction; provided that the original shall be provided under process to be used as evidence in any relevant civil or criminal proceeding. -NC G.S. 132-1.4 (c)(4)



This morning NCMEC (NC Missing Endangered Children) was on scene with trained K-9, Daisy to continue search for Casey in inclement conditions as heavy downpours and winds swept through the ENC region this morning.

Daisy, NCMEC


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