WPD: Two men arrested on robbery & assault of a homeless family and a couple


Two Wilmington men are facing armed robbery, breaking and entering and assault charges for violent acts over the weekend.

Suspects arrested

Witnesses say the men robbed a homeless family at the AmeriStay Inn on Market Street and then robbed a couple in the parking lot of the Golden Corral on New Centre Drive just before 7pm on Friday, the evening of March 15th.

During the confrontation at the Golden Corral one of the victims was cut on the hand. Police were able to get a description of the suspects and vehicle and located 28 year old, Glenn Harry Bowen and 27 year old, Robert James Sansbury at an apartment off Emory Street. Both men were taken into custody.

Both Bowen and Sansbury have a criminal history involving violent crimes such as robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Glenn Bowen

Bowen was prior convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon, drug related offenses and stolen goods.

Robert J. Sansbury

Sansbury was prior convicted of two hit and runs, resisting arrest, assault on a government officer and a number of other charges.

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