Anderson SC Presbyterian Church vandalized

The Anderson City Police Department is investigating vandalism that happened to a local church located on Midway Rd.

The police department and city of Anderson took to Facebook Sunday afternoon with a photo showing the damage from the act of vandalism.

The photo shows three broken windows that are over 125 years old, Anderson Police said. The siding of the church was spraypainted in black with the partially misspelled, incorrect word choice in the phrases, “Submit to God thru Islam,” [sic] and “Muhammed is his prophet” [sic]

The Onslow Beat took this a step further to investigate the Islamic population in Anderson, SC. Considering that if this was a crime indeed involving suspects of Islamic faith that they would have no problem correctly spelling “Muhammad” vs Muhammed”  nor “through” vs “thru”. What is the population of Islamic citizens in or around Anderson, SC? 0%. ( 

– 44.9% are Baptist
– 0.3% are Episcopalian
– 1.6% are Catholic
– 0.3% are Lutheran
– 5.4% are Methodist
– 6.1% are Pentecostal
– 2.3% are Presbyterian
– 0.5% are Church of Jesus Christ
– 4.8% are another Christian faith
– 0.0% affiliate with Judaism
– 0.0% are an eastern faith
– 0.0% of affiliate with Islam 

However, looking further in a general Google search, there is one Muslim Mosque (worship center) in Anderson where The Onslow Beat discovered that a self-proclaimed Satanist on YouTube made a video one night in 2017 from outside of the worship center in hopes of proving he’s not a liberal. (Watch below)

This isn’t suggestive that the man shown above is the suspect but it is to show some unusual behavior that is religious center related in or around Anderson, SC.

Anderson SC is the home of multiple southern baptist associations to include the Saluda Baptist Association.

The mission statement at  Midway Presbyterian is,

Our purpose is to call people into a living and growing relationship with God in Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit, and to promote the mission of Christ in compassionate ministries.

    We intend to be a welcoming and caring church – a church family that nurtures a sense of community and belonging.  We want young and old to join us in the Christian pilgrimage as sojourners in the great adventure of faith. 

 The Onslow Beat reached out to Midway Presbyterian and was unable to make contact before the deadline and will update upon response.

It is not the belief of The Onslow Beat that this act of vandalism was done by anyone of Muslim/Islamic Faith given the obvious shown in the photograph.

Anyone with information on who may be responsible for the vandalism is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.



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