INSIDE: 9-11 Call, teacher interviews and medical records released in the breaking case of RaNiya Wright

There are no charges in the death of the 10-year-old child RaNiya Wright who died last month in a nearby hospital following a fight at Forest Hills Elementary. It has been determined that RaNiya was not a victim of bullying and that her and the other student had verbal altercations on a regular basis that teachers have stated to have been mutual. Wright’s death is reported to be a result of a birth defect and not a result of the fight itself.

Today the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office released investigative documents from the joint investigation between their agency and the 14th Circuit Solicitors Office regarding the investigation into the death of RaNiya Wright.

There are no charges in the death of the 10-year-old child, RaNiya Wright. The Cheif Prosecutor says that RaNiya Wright died of natural causes. It has been reported that there is no evidence of the fight contributing to her death. Instead, it was a birth defect.

RaNiya died in a Charleston hospital on March 27, two days after she was involved in a short fight that is described as a “slap fight,”  with another student in her classroom and complained of a headache minutes later.

Frustrations have grown in the three weeks since the 10-year-old’s death due to a lack of available details. Suspicions have also grown across the Carolina’s with foul play and a cover-up by the school system to evade lawsuit and accountability, that was not the case. With her cause of death now confirmed and released, RaNiya’s family is still pushing for more information, unwilling to accept the medical evidence as an explanation for the girl’s death.

The prosecutor said the cause of death is brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Her arteries and veins were tangled and lead to a rupture. 13 days prior to the fighting incident, RaNiya was seen by a doctor for headaches. The pathologist reported the only trauma was the rupture in her brain and also ruled out that the fight itself, was not a contributing factor. Stone said he came to this determination after pathologists and other physicians conducted postmortem testing at the Medical University of South Carolina where RaNiya died.

There was no bullying determined to be involved in this case.

AVM is also known to be associated with acquired Chiari malformation type 1 per NCBI reports. AVM affects approximately one in every 100,000 people.

The information released is as follows:

  • 911 call


  • 911 dispatch log View Log Here
  • Initial Colleton County Sheriff’s Office report CCSO Incident Report
  • Notification email to Raniya’s mother from the school nurse Notice to Parents (COPY)
  • The audio recording of an interview with one of Raniya’s teachers. Please note that there are periods of silence to protect the name of the other minor child, her mother and some delicate details as necessary.  In this interview, you will hear details on this particular day and other days at Forest Hills Elementary School in general. In this particular interview, this teacher states she never met RaNiya’s father, the father was not listed as a point of contact for Raniya at school. There were eight people listed for emergency contacts and the father was not one of them. The teacher also mentions how RaNiya mentioned her headaches occasionally at school. This interview is 14:50 in length.


  • The audio recording of the interview with one of Raniya and Student #2’s teachers
  • Colleton County Sherriff’s Office incident report, which contains student statements Investigative Report
  •  A written statement from the classroom teacher (substitute) In this statement the teacher said the two students had a verbal altercation prior to the physical altercation and she did not know what made the two girls fight. The substitute teacher also said that she did separate the two girls as some previous reports have stated conflicting and inaccurate information stating the opposite. Statement from Substitute Teacher
  • Audio from an interview with the PE teacher from Forest Hills Elementary. The teacher divulges in this interview that there had been a history of negative behavior between the two students that they were able to control by separating them. The investigator asked if anything seemed off that particular day between them and the PE teacher said he could tell the conversation between the two students hadn’t been friendly. “You could kind of tell that if it continued, it could have gotten physical…”


  • Timeline of events around the time of the incident, through Raniya’s departure via ambulance Timeline_of_Events
  • Medical records related to Raniya’s headaches and dizziness. The one file is a 44-page-record and date’s back to 2012 with RaNiya’s medical history.  These files have been sensibly modified to protect particular aspects of information. This primary physician’s file shows several appointments where headaches were a factor as well as the Colleton Medical Center record.
    Primary Physician Record &  Prior Medical Records Colleton Med

Here is the link to today’s Facebook Live broadcast by the 14th Circuit Solicitors Office, the video does cut off before the tail end of the conference.  This was unintentional the phone was left unattended on the tripod during the conference and at some point, the camera did stop recording. Video below:





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