Wilmington PD is investigating vandalism of confederate statutes downtown

(WILMINGTON, NC)- The George Davis statue located around the corner of Market & Third Streets, Third and Dock Streets has been vandalized again. This act is coincidentally following protests in downtown Wilmington in late June demanding removal of these statues.

The statue that is dedicated to the fourth attorney general of the confederate states, George Davis stands on Third and Market Streets.

The statue was erected in the City of Wilmington, NC in 1911.

Wilmington Police Department reported that confederate monuments in downtown Wilmington were vandalized around 3:00am on Thursday, July 4, 2019.

Wilmington Detectives are trying to find out the identity of what appears to be a female who was involved in vandalizing the confederate statues in downtown. WPD reported previously that vandalism has happened in the same place in 2017.

The Gabriel James Boney Confederate Memorial was also vandalized in the 2017 incident, though it is not clear whether it was specifically also involved in this incident.

The investigation revealed that the suspect threw orange paint on the monument and fled from the scene.

Watch the video footage below.

                                              Video Footage Courtesy of Wilmington PD





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