Sneads Ferry ONWASA customers facing water outages

Sneads Ferry ONWASA customers faced water outages early this Friday morning.

ONWASA said, “customers in the effected areas are under a precautionary boil water advisory.”

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is widening Highway 172 in Sneads Ferry.

As part of their highway widening project their contractors were scheduled to install valves and tie-in a section of new water line the evening of July 18, 2019. Water along Highway 172 had to be turned off for them to connect the new line to the ONWASA system.

ONWASA routinely works with NCDOT to modify or relocate the water system in conjunction with NCDOT roadway projects. In every instance of a scheduled outage, ONWASA uses its phone, text, and email system to notify customers of the outage. ONWASA notified customers on Tuesday, July 16th at 6pm of this impending scheduled outage.

ONWASA specified to NCDOT contractors that the outage must occur at night to minimize impact to customers. Work was to be completed by 5 A.M.. The contractor did not complete work on time and the outage had to be extended until the connections were completed. ONWASA used its phone, text, and email system to notify customers of the outage extension.

The outage affected 350 customers near Highway 172 (from Peggys Trace to Back Gate), Peggy’s Cove Subdivision, New River Plantation Subdivision, Stone Bay Plantation Subdivision, Wheeler Creek Road(from Hwy 172 to the bridge), Eagle Lane, Owl Lane, Old Congleton Rd, Cedar Lane, Holly Drive, Dogwood Lane, Hickory Road, Oak Lane, Pine Street, Longleaf Drive, Sandhill Rd, Old Ferry Rd, Bluefin Loop, Redfish Loop, Davis Lane, Gull Drive, Baseball Lane, and Lakeside Drive.

The outage extension is unacceptable to ONWASA. ONWASA is in contact with NCDOT concerning the actions of the NCDOT contractors responsible for the water line work and outage extension.

As of 10 A.M., contractors have completed the connection and water has been restored. The water system is currently being flushed. The area is under a precautionary boil-water advisory which is customary for all outages.

ONWASA intends to meet with NCDOT personnel to minimize the chances of this occurring again with NCDOT projects and private contractors.

An ONWASA Representative said, “We are working with NCDOT as we speak to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

ONWASA deeply regrets any inconvenience to their customers.

More information on this outage is available here.

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