Down East Cyclists pedal to the metal this weekend on a 100KM trek

Down East Cyclist are hitting the pedals again this weekend on a 100KM trek through Onslow County this weekend. The cyclist will start their ride on Saturday morning, July 27, 2019.

Cyclist Stephen D. Clark told The Onslow Beat, “I just want drivers to be aware of more cyclist than normal on the road and to please take care.” “We’re starting from downtown Jacksonville then going South on [HWY] 17 to Dawson Cabin Road.”

This is “just a community event to bring cyclists together and enjoy cycling safely.” said Stephen Clark when asked if the event was for a special cause.

DEC is a bicycle club invites the community to join in the fun of the, “Down East Cyclists Gran Fondo 2019!”  You can register online here.

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COST: The cost of registration is $15 Per Cyclist. You can register on site at the starting point but walk-up registration is cash and check only, you will be asked to sign an event waiver. Lunch will also be available for all registered riders.


WHERE: Location of the starting point is the Bicycle Gallery located at 711 New Bridge St., Jacksonville, NC 28540, Check-in starts at 7:00 AM, All Rides begin at 8:00 AM.


Riders are encouraged to park in front of the Bicycle Gallery or in the rear parking lot behind the building but do not park in front of other businesses.

COURSE MAPS: The courses can be found on Strava and Gamin Connect. Cue sheets will also be available for any cyclists that want one.

If you are in need of immediate medical assistance, call 911.

AID STATIONS: There are two aid stations on the 100k course. Each station will provide water, Gatorade, gels, and snacks. Riders are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles for nutrition/hydration.

Follow Down East Cycling on Facebook and the event page as well as on Instagram: @downeastcyclists for more information!

Riders are encouraged to share their ride day photos on Social Media with the hashtags #ridedowneast and #decgranfondo




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