MISSING: 23-year-old mother has been missing for six weeks from Holly Springs

The Holly Springs Police Department is attempting to gather information on the whereabouts of 23-year-old, Monica Moynan who has been missing for at least six weeks now.

Ms. Moynan was last seen in Holly Springs in March of 2019 and reported by her mother on Tuesday, July 22, 2019

Holly Springs PD Spokesman Mark Andrews told CBS17 in an interview that they are focused on this as a missing persons case. CBS17 Reporter, Kayla Strayer reported an interview with the sister of Moynan that you can see here.

Facebook Photo

She is white,  5’1” tall, approximately 115 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair color could have changed since the last hair color shown on her Facebook is with green hair and it is apparent she likes to switch color of hair from the many vibrant, trendy and stylish looks on her FB.

Moynan is a mother of two, and owns a small business promoting wellness by holistic approach, natural supplements through homemade Elderberry Syrup, elderberry gummies and more, “Moni’s Magic.”

Monica Moynan is the mother of two beautiful, small children with Brian Sluss who appears to have made a social media post alleging to what is assumed that relationship ending on March 3rd of this year. Monica Moynan is last known to have been seen for certain in the Holly Springs area on March 30th leaving questions for all, mainly, “Where is Monica Moynan?”

Monica’s mother, Melanie Day Tucker,  has been relentless in advocating for information regarding her daughters disappearance, safety and whereabouts since becoming aware that she is in fact missing.


The family is under a great deal of stress surrounding their loved ones disappearance, do not wish for the media to be involved, please stay tuned for future updates via social media from the family that will be shared across Facebook to The Onslow Beat brand page.

If you think you have seen Ms. Moynan or have any information, please contact the Holly Springs Police Department at 919-557-9111 or her family at the numbers listed on Mrs. Melanie Tuckers post.
For further information, please contact:
Detective Ham (Tel): 919-567-4702

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