Onslow Co.- Ten fast facts to know preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Ten quick bites of information to know ahead of Hurricane Dorian. From school closings, shelters, landfill hours, free pet supplies and how to receive alerts.

School Closures: Brent Andersen, Onslow County Schools announced that all schools will be closed for all students from Wednesday, September 4th through Friday, September 6th. There will be no school or evening activities during this time period. OCS staff will have a Teacher Workday on Wednesday. Unless otherwise notified by their supervisor, OCS staff will not work on Thursday. On Friday OCS 10-month staff will not work and OCS 12-month staff will report as conditions permit, unless otherwise notified by their supervisor.

All unincorporated areas of Onslow County have been declared in a state of emergency by Onslow County government officials Tuesday morning.

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Shelters: Shelters open Thursday, Sept. 5th at 7 am. Locations:
Jacksonville Commons Middle School (Pets & Special/Medical Needs)
Swansboro High School
Dixon Middle School
Richlands High School

Citizens are asked to bring all medical supplies and to begin having medications refilled now to have through the storm even if they do not intend to come to a shelter. For citizens on oxygen, it is encouraged that tanks are refilled in advance. Any special devices or machines needed for medical purposes should be brought to the shelter with you.

If you need transportation to a shelter please fill out this form and submit by email to make those arrangements as quickly as possible.

Citizens are encouraged by Onslow County Manager, David Cotton to keep up with social media updates as there will be Facebook live broadcasts twice a day at 7 am and 7 pm on the county government page.

Questions about preparing- Phone Bank: The phone bank is open until 6:00 pm on Tuesday, then starting on Wednesday at 8:00 am (operational 24-hours), it will remain staffed continuously until Hurricane Dorian no longer poses a threat to Onslow County. Please call 910-989-5027, the phone bank is for non-emergent questions to help citizens prepare.

Trash: Onslow County Landfill hours are extended today and tomorrow (Tuesday & Wednesday) until 7 p.m. to assist citizens with hurricane preparations. Located at: 415 Meadowview Rd. Jacksonville. Phone number 910-989-2107.

Pets: Jaded Paws Rescue is open daily to help families with pet food and other supplies as available for FREE. Jaded Paws is located at 1009 Onsville Dr. Jacksonville Suite A. Phone number . Phone: 910-389-2372.

Onslow Co. Courts: Closed Thursday and Friday. ALL buildings and courts sessions are closed 9/5-9/6. To obtain more updates, please visit the NCCOURTS.gov website for all up to date closings.

ALERTS: Get local alerts – weather hazards, evacuations, missing persons, etc. – sent straight to your phone.You can receive FREE emergency alerts by phone calls to landlines, text messages, emails and more.In addition to English, ALERT Onslow translates notifications into: German, French, Japanese and Spanish.
Visit: CodeRed to sign up.

For the Board of Commissioners State of Emergency Proclamation announcement this morning you can watch here:

Insurance: Check your homeowners insurance polices ahead of the storm and verify what benefits your policy offers and ensure everything is up to date. USAA representative Ina said, under mandatory evacuation orders some policies may cover temporary living expenses. If you are a USAA policy holder, check your policy for details on the website at USAA Help or the USAA Mobile App.

How much food and water: Onslow County EMS Director, Norman Bryson urges citizens to have enough food and water for seven days per person in the home. The usual minimum is three days but it is best to be prepared for seven days.

Download the FEMA App:

The National Hurricane Center website:

Emergency Plans

Develop and document plans for your specific risks.

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