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You talk by Faith, I’ll walk by Faith. (Individual healing)

Individual Healing Since I have been diagnosed with CM1, preparation for surgery and especially since post op, I have found that I am being offered much unwanted and unwarranted advice and I’ve seen it happen to others who have dealt with this before me. As well as it does for other people with chronic illnesses. I’m gonna take a leap

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Mount Chiari Mission-Rolling with Rosner.

As some of you know, there are very few Chiari Specialists in the entire country. Only one highly recommended in the state of NC which is Dr. Michael J. Rosner, office located in Hendersonville, NC. Being we are on the coast of NC, it was a haul across the state for this mission. On Saturday night, I had a pretty

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Acceptance of Adversity.

“By accepting reality of circumstances, illness, situations, finances, family matters, friendships or all else you can think of, you can face your reality and present life in truth not delusions with false hopes. Accepting gives a place of freedom, freedom to gain strength, gain faith in not knowing how but knowing it shall be, peace in knowing what is for

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Facing Chiari

“When life gives you a hand of a game you’ve never played, you learn to play it, you learn to play it better and you help others learn to deal and conquer along the way.” -Mel’O Back in mid-February I noticed I felt congested and like (to be honest) I had something in my nose that just would not come

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When Rape is Acceptable.

Tonight on FB I shared an image from a radio station of a girl in a very revealing dress going to prom. (Note- this actually hasn’t been confirmed as to if she is indeed a teen and going to prom in said revealing gown which I will post somewhere in this blog post.) During discussion amongst FB friends, two commenters

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