Congressman Greg Murphy to hold open house next week

Congressman Greg Murphy will hold an open house Wednesday afternoon open to the third district constituents.

(Greenville, N.C.)- N.C. 3rd Congressional District Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. announced Friday afternoon that he will host an open house next week. The open house will take place at his new district office in Jacksonville, N.C., which will take place on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. The event will last an hour and a half, beginning at 3:00 PM and ending at 4:30 PM.

Constituents of the Third District and members of the press are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.

“Considering the strong military presence at Camp Lejeune, I found it necessary to open a district office in Jacksonville to more conveniently provide assistance to marines, veterans and other residents of Onslow county and the surrounding area,” said Murphy. “I hope you all will join my staff and I on Wednesday to see our office and learn more about the services we provide, including help with federal agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security and more.”


Location and address to attend:

The Office of Congressman Gregory F. Murphy, M.D.

234 NW Corridor, Suite 301

Jacksonville, N.C. 28540

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy to host town hall in Onslow on Tuesday

N.C. 3rd District Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy will be in Jacksonville on Tuesday afternoon. The Onslow County Board of Commissioners will be attending a Town Hall Meeting with recently elected U.S. Congressman at 3:00 PM This event is open to the public.

(JACKSONVILLE, NC)- The recently elected Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy (R) was sworn into office just twelve days ago on Sept. 17, 2019 after nearly eight-months of ENC without representation in Washington. Since the former N.C. House Rep has transitioned from state leadership into a federal leader in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Congressman, he has returned to ENC a number of times, living up to his mission of being “available” to get to work for the people in the district.

Since being elected and sworn into office, he’s listened to a number of ENC concerns around the district head-on, from lack of swift hurricane relief, challenges that ENC farmers are facing, regulatory matters, the opioid epidemic as well as a the impacts of increased numbers in foster care.

Last week, on Sept. 24th Congressman Murphy was aboard Camp Lejeune with Defense Secretary Mark Esper who was touring and surveying damages that have lingered since Hurricane Florence.

Sept. 28th Murphy was in Kinston, in a round-table discussion with community stakeholders to address concerns and partner in creating solutions.

Congressman Murphy succeeded in four challenging elections in just 10 short months to fulfill the remainder of the term of the late Walter B. Jones Jr. with a vision of being an available and constituent-driven lawmaker.

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners will be attending a Town Hall Meeting with recently elected U.S. Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 at 3:00 PM at Biagio’s located at 622 Court St. in Jacksonville.

A quorum of the Commissioners may attend this event; however, this is not a meeting of the Commissioners and no action will be taken. This Town Hall Meeting is open to the public. 

Please contact County Administration at 910-347-4717 for additional information.

Correction from original location has been made to the updated location.

NC 9th Congressional operator accused as ballot fraud ringleader- Leslie Dowless Jr. arrested

NC’s 9th Congressional District operative has been charged with obstruction of justice and illegal ballot possession related to the 2016 and 2018 elections.
Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. was indicted by a grand jury and arrested, following evidence gathered and presented from during the investigation in light of the irregularities of absentee ballots in Bladen County in the 2016 general election and the 2018 primary election. Dowless is accused of being the ringleader of this illegal ballot harvesting operation.


NC’s 9th Congressional District operative has been charged with obstruction of justice and illegal ballot possession related to the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. was indicted by a grand jury and arrested, following evidence gathered and presented from during the investigation in light of the irregularities of absentee ballots in Bladen County in the 2016 general election and the 2018 primary election. Dowless is accused of being the ringleader of this illegal ballot harvesting operation.

Dowless was a key player, a political-operative hired by the Rev. Mark Harris, a Republican, to help get out the vote in his 2018 congressional run. Unofficially, Harris won by 905 votes on the Nov. 6 election over Democrat opponent Dan McCready. The State Board of Elections, however, refused to certify the race because of the widespread election irregularaties.

After the board of elections ordered a new election, the Reverand (Harris) unfortunately became ill and withdrew from the race and pending surgery.

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The indictment reads in section II that “The jurors for the State upon their oath present that on or between March 21, 2018, through May 8, 2018, in Wake County the defendant named above unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did conspire with others, including but not limited to, Rebecca Thompson and Kelly N. Hendrix, with deceit and intent to defraud, to obstruct public and legal justice by submitting or causing to be submitted by mail absentee ballots and container return envelopes for those ballots to the Bladen County Board of Elections in such a manner so as to make it appear that those ballots had been voted and executed in compliance with the provisions of Article 21 of the North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 163A pertaining to absentee ballots when they, in fact, had not been so executed….”

This arrest follows a refusal to testify last week at a State Board of Elections evidentiary hearing into widespread election fraud last year in the 9th District.

Also indicted were Dowless associates Tonia Marie Gordon, Caitlyn Croom, and Matthew Monroe Mathis, aforementioned Rebecca Thompson. Kelly Hendrix was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Reportedly, Dowless directed subordinates to commit crimes and give false statements to investigators. The Co-Conspirators also committed a number of criminal acts.

Dowless is being held in the Wake County Detention Center on $30,000 secured bond. The cases were placed on the Wake County Superior Court calendar for March 25.

Dowless is charged with three counts of felony obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiracy to commit felony obstruction of justice, and two counts of possession of an absentee ballot stemming from the 2016 and 2018 elections.



Letter to the editor: Why is it only the 9th Congressional District Race Being Scrutinized?

For weeks we have been hearing about issues with the 9th Congressional District election. Mark Harris leads Dan McCready by 905 votes, but the State Board of Elections has twice failed to certify Harris’ victory.


Irregularities concerning absentee ballots and possible ballot harvesting, mainly in Bladen and Robeson counties, have been the focus of investigators, and the sticking point preventing the board from certifying the 9th Congressional District election.

There very well could have been some nefarious and/or illegal activity regarding absentee ballots in both Bladen and Robeson counties. That has yet to be proven, but is irrelevant to my question: “Why is it only the 9th Congressional District race being scrutinized?”

There were 14 contested elections in Bladen County in the November 2018 election and 13 in Robeson County. From the 9th CD race, through NCGA seats, down to elections for County Commissioner and School Boards, many decisions were made for representation on November 6,2018.

Yet, of those 27 contested elections, focus has been on only one, the 9th Congressional District contest. Individual ballots are not mailed out for each race. Absentee voters cast their vote on the exact same ballot as those standing in line on election day, or during early voting.

If the results are tainted due to absentee ballot irregularities for the 9th CD, and they very well may be, why would they not be tainted for all the other 26 contested elections within Bladen and Robeson counties?

Should the new Board of Elections use the authority under the law that states “irregularities or improprieties occurred to such an extent that they taint the results of the entire election and cast doubt on its fairness” to order a new election, would it not cast doubt on the “fairness” of every contested race on the ballots?

I cannot see how one race on a ballot can be tainted, when there were 12 or 13 other races on that same ballot in question that have been certified.

I have not seen this issue raised which is why I submit this letter today. If we ignore and certify the other 26 races on the ballot, and deem them not tainted, then you are on an expedition to upend one election. You are investigating based on the results of one election, and not the “integrity” of all elections.

Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt

Richlands, NC


Congressman Walter B. Jones passed away this afternoon at age 76

Congressman Walter B. Jones, age 76 (NC-3) passed away this afternoon in Greenville, NC. Jones faithfully represented the people of ENC for over 34 years in congress and the state legislature.

Jones was absent from congressional votes in the new term since September, he also took his last and 12th term oath of office at home privately in January due to what were mainly undisclosed health reasons at that time. Later in January, it was reported that Jones had fallen and broken his hip and was in hospice care.

Congressman Jones was a man of the people.  With a kind heart and the courage of his convictions, he dedicated his life to serving his Savior and to standing up for Americans who needed a voice. He was a champion for our men and women in uniform and their families, always mindful of their service and sacrifice. 

The last two bills Jones pushed to legislation this January were defending grieving military families to cut the red tape and more easily begin receiving funds for the loss of their loved one in service. The very last was a pro-life advocacy bill where several prohibitions were sought from heart beat detection prohibiting abortion to no tax-payer funding to cover any part of abortion procedures and more.

“Congressman Jones will long be remembered for his honesty, faith and integrity.  He was never afraid to take a principled stand.  He was known for his independence, and widely admired across the political spectrum.  Some may not have agreed with him, but all recognized that he did what he thought was right.”, said Jones Office.

Jones definitely leaves a legacy of positive relationships to be admired by all with many of his constituents and fellow leaders.


In a press release issued Monday evening after anticipation from supporters in the community, Phil Law formally announced on his campaign page on the social media network, Facebook that he was in fact going to be a candidate in the 3rd district congressional race.

This comes in light of Rep. Walter B. Jones being absent from duties since Sept. 2018 with an undisclosed illness and potential retirement from office.

Phil Law is an Onslow county businessman and Marine corps combat veteran, he will formally announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District Tuesday evening at the Onslow County GOP Executive Committee meeting at the Golden Corral in Jacksonville.

Law will stress the need to combat illegal immigration, address the ever-increasing federal debt effects on a stagnant eastern North Carolina economy and the need for health care reform. In addition, he will focus remarks on the need for the country to rally behind president Trump in the current battle over border security.

“President Trump is fighting for us every day and needs our support which I will stress each day on the campaign trail. We cannot allow radical Democratic officials to nullify the vote of the people through phony impeachment charges. If this is to become president Trump’s Alamo then I stand with him to the very end — win or lose,” Law said Monday evening.

Law and his wife, Erin, have three children. He makes his home in Jacksonville, NC.

CONTACT: 910-238-2417

Shutdown 2019 Tax season delayed but taxpayers will be paid

Businesses across America have began to pose concern of economic loss as the shutdown continues in light of Congress not being able to come to terms on budget funding for the border wall that Pres. Trump made his primary campaign promise on.

During a government shutdown, the IRS generally doesn’t perform audits, payout refunds or offer any assistance to taxpayers with questions beyond filing season.

The now 18 day boxing match between Pres. Trump and the Democratic congressional leaders to fund the government was thought to tax refunds to the millions of Americans that are owed money after paying into the tax system all year in the working class.

There have been hundreds of changes in the 2018 tax season from standard deduction and child tax credit doubling. If you didn’t change your W-4 or withholding, your return could look very different.

As of Monday, the White House Office of Management and Budget reported that refunds will be paid regardless if the shutdown goes on into filing season.

If you want to call the IRS, go ahead, but no one is there to answer questions just yet. Well, at least not a live person, you can still get automated asssistance at the headquarters but regional offices you will hear a message like this clip.

Nonetheless, tax season will begin Jan. 28, 2019 with furloughed employees being called back to work. The agency says there will be a lot of employees who will be required to return to work and without pay. The IRS opened the filing season on Jan. 29th last year. The due date for filing season remains the same being Apr. 15, 2019 with exception of residents of Maine and Massachusetts who have until Apr. 17, 2019 to file federal income tax returns.

Many tax preparers are concerned that taxpayers will put off filing because of the potentially delayed refunds but they suggest to still file early because once the government does open again, your return is already being processed, you don’t have to join in the mad rush aftermath like everyone else who delays.

Software companies and tax preparers will be accepting and preparing tax returns before Jan. 28 and will submit the returns once the IRS system opens Jan. 28th.

Tax payers who earn under $66,000 qualify for IRS Free File.

More than 70 percent of taxpayers qualify for free tax software through IRS Free File. This special service is‎ available only on or through the IRS2Go ‎mobile app. The app allows taxpayers to use a smartphone or tablet to prepare and file their tax returns.

IRS Free File lets taxpayers who earned less than $66,000 prepare and e-file a return for free. Go to and click on the ‘File’ tab for options for using commercial tax software. Those who earned more than $66,000 are still eligible for Free File Fillable Forms, the electronic version of IRS paper forms.

The most effective and swift filing method is e-file. The IRS strongly urges this method to minimize errors and process faster refunds.

NC Rep. Walter Jones’- illness looms lack of transparency and attendance for 2018 term

Public photo via Walter Jones FB

The AP reported Dec. 17, 2018

“North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones will miss the remainder of the current congressional term because of illness.

The Herald-Sun of Durham reports the 75-year-old 3rd District Republican hasn’t cast a roll call vote since Sept. 26. Jones has missed the last 27 roll call votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, including some in late September and since the House re-convened in November.

Last Tuesday, he was granted a leave of absence for the rest of 2018. His office said Jones plans to return to Washington on Jan. 3, the first day of the new Congress, but offered no specifics on Jones’ illness. No one from his office responded for a request for additional comment Monday.

Jones’ district includes Kinston, Greenville, New Bern and the northern half of the coast.”

The House voted to approve the 2018 farm bill on Dec. 12, though many of the votes Jones has missed have been ceremonial, such as renaming a wildlife refuge and adding to the National Register of Historic Places.

Congress faces a potential government shutdown Friday over funding for a border wall, and Republicans lose control of House next year.

Jones missed 7.7 percent of House votes in 2017, ranking 48th in missed votes among the 435 members, according to GovTrack, a website that tracks federal legislation.

Conservative voters are stating feelings of deception behind this, assuming whatever the illness is, it was known and Jones still entered the race as incumbent and unopposed for another set term which he is unable to serve at this time.

It is injustice that Walter hasn’t been to work since September 27 and his constituents have been left in the dark about his absence. It shows a lack of transparency and respect for the people of Eastern NC.

Walter Jones should step down and let the 3rd districts executive committee consider his replacement with someone who is physically charged and qualified for the challenge. -S.O.

Jones ran unopposed in November after a win for his 12th term, in a three-way Republican primary in May. Republican challenger, Scott Dacey made an issue out of Jones’ recent years absences during the primary.

Walter Jones was first sworn in to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1995, following ten years of service as an elected member of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Congressman Jones drives home to Farmville every weekend to his wife Joe Anne and his dog, Darby. They have one daughter, Ashley.

He announced during the primary that, if elected, it would be his final term in office.

Jones’ father was a lifetime politician and died while still in office. Jones’ father — Walter B. Jones, Sr. —held a seat in the U.S. House from 1966 to 1992.

Term limits are still a conversation piece across the nation with examples as such as reasonable consideration.

If you would like to contact this congressional leader at any of his offices with concerns or complaints, contact information is below. Jones will not be returning until January 3rd.

Washington, DC Office

2333 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-3415

Greenville NC Office

1105-C Corporate Drive

Greenville, NC 27858

Phone: 252-931-1003 Toll-free (in N.C. only) 800-351-1697

Fax: 252-931-1002

Havelock NC Office

1 Governmental Avenue

Havelock, NC 28532

Phone: 252-565-6846

Jacksonville NC Office

234 Northwest Corridor Blvd. Room 313B

Jacksonville, NC 28540

Phone: 252-565-6846

Dear Onslow,

I’ve spent some time out this morning talking with all the candidates on site at the One Stop voting location at public safety. I encourage each of you as fellow citizens to get out and talk with the candidates and address your concerns, ask questions that are weighing on your heart, express your ideas if you have them and see what they say in response. These gentlemen were more than kind and gracious to engage in conversation, and I do mean ALL of them, even the one that I cannot vote for because he’s not in my district. I’m pleased with them as fellow citizens regardless if I will give them my vote or not. (I will write more on the nature of the conversations individually over the weekend but I have no disappointments with any of the gentlemen I was fortunate to speak with.) I’ve addressed concern that the school lunch assistance program will end, well Mr. Bob Williams has been on the board for the last 5-6 year’s and the program is still in place, no plans for removing.

Candidates Campaigning 4/27/18

Make your choices on your ballots with what is right for you and your family with confidence and knowledge.

We need unity, we need to find common ground and work together to make Onslow a better county as a whole! Which brings me to another point, social movements. Social movements have been a part of American societal change since as far back as the Civil War and have created the dynamic in many areas of reform as well as progress. Without citizens being active parts of how we govern ourselves, aid each other assistance as citizens, neighbors, and decent human beings overall. We have a social movement here in Onslow County, Action PAC organization where it seems that the Mission is to actively be involved in communities helping those who need it where they need it as well as occasional and respectful challenge towards government leaders on local, state and federal level. I spoke to the founder today during my time out in an impromptu meeting, Mr. Al Burgess. The good Lord knows, Al and I don’t agree on a lot of things and I am sure lately I’ve been a thorn in his side on occasion but we can argue our sides and then find a medium where we can work together.

However in anything, we are human- therefore, we have emotion and where one citizens experience with a person maybe a very poor one my experience could be great and vice versa. We also have ability to allow emotions to cloud our judgement and occasionally deter from the mission. What we must do as Citizens and humans in general is to sit down with candidates, officials and organizers whether individually or as a collective and ask the questions, have the conversations, and gain clarity, most of all find the common ground that is best for ALL citizens collectively in Onslow County, North Carolina, and America. The first battle is within ourselves, we must conquer our own demons in our own thoughts, drive out fear by taking chances and oftentimes those chances simply mean to speak and to listen. I truly and deeply from my heart, encourage & challenge you all to talk to someone that you may find there to be an indifference or an opposing view and truly engage whether the conversation end where you still disagree but at least you were heard and you allowed them to be heard.

Not as Republicans or Democrats or Independent but as citizens and we can, together!! Have uncomfortable conversations and LISTEN to hear, not listen to respond. Only then, will we find compassion and conquer the ground we need work on. Remember, only love can drive out hate. If we are bickering and creating confusion, that’s not love, it’s not fair. We will argue, we will be angry, we will not approve of every step and should hold each other accountable as officials and citizens. But in everything, God is not the author of confusion, everyone is saying the word of God but hardly anyone is showing it. Let our actions speak more than our words… One love- God Bless.

PS- If any-one or any brand use any part of my work as you have been from my website or social media network pages, site me, link my website or be accountable for the plagiarism since you’re so big on the bounds of education.

Respectfully yours,
Melissa Oakley, The Onslow Beat

Evangelist Rev. Billy Graham passed from this life at age 99. “Fruitful life.”

“Fruitful life”

Rev. Billy Graham passed away today, February 21, 2018 at his Montreat, North Carolina home around 8 a.m. After a fruitful life of preaching the word of God and teaching the love of Jesus across the world he is now rewarded his wings and stepping into his eternal life.

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"Obama-Phone Home"

After repeatedly seeing this image circulating on social media, I’m beyond-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- tired of utterly ridiculous, misinformed, under-educated, unknowledgeable idea and phrase/reference “OBAMA PHONES”.  I urge you to do a little research “FCC lifeline assistance program” It was enacted in the 80’s under Reagan. Remember him??!! Yes, the first celebrity gone White House but at least he was not selected by Russians for America but anyway—- Which during that timeframe, said program was for landlines and called “Life Line Assistance Program”. In 1996, Bill Clinton (Yeah first leader of the birthing of Side chicks) signed “Telecommunications Act” which allowed low income citizens a choice between home phones and cell phones. In 2008, (year Obama was elected the first time) months prior to the election the cell program when into hyper drive because of lower costs.
And hate to burst your bubble (BOOM- POP-POW) our tax dollars directly are not funding this program, not that good old FICA we hate to see on our deductions. Look at your phone bill it’s called a “Universal service fee”. Which I don’t paying to help those less fortunate then me, considering I pay Uncle Sam and nem and they don’t do as much as they can or should! I know a lot of senior citizens who benefit from this program, my aunt who is an amputee is one. Also, You know the ones you see at your local pharmacy having to pay hundreds of $$$ every month for the meds, in wheelchairs, walkers, the ones with oxygen tanks etc., yes them!
You won’t get a argument from me that the welfare system is broken but kill the noise about “Obama phones” already!! He didn’t create this, it was an evolution to modern times!!! OH AND PLEASE WAIT A MINUTE– these are not IPhones, the new galaxy 7, the droid or whatever the latest greatest is— ALL of the people that I know that have them they are flip phones or a little tiny square old nokia style phone with 250 minutes. Here’s one to think about start paying working people a “living wage” In the 90s my first job (one anyway)  paid me about $14-17 per hour depending on unit cleaning, waiting tables on a resort I made $5.13+tips, learning while working as a pharmacy tech I made a little over $8 per hr milk was $1 a gallon bread was $.50 a loaf eggs were under $1 and we could fill a gas tank for $10!! Today some cleaning jobs pay $10 and under an hour, waitresses make $2.13+ tips an hour and some pharmacy techs still make the same! Notice I don’t mention benefits??? I don’t because I wasn’t offered any benefits because they were part time jobs like many today are forced to work several to survive!
People say go to college and better yourself and well I’ve done that several times for various reasons and studies, now I have student loan debt up to my neck and due to go back to school this spring! And nobody has given me a welfare check or checkup to lift me out of this mess! Back when I was younger and adults went to college total tuition for what we pay today for a few credit hours!
We have become a country of greed, prejudice assumptions and by far not for the majority of the populations needs!
And then we have those who think Social Security a entitlement program–fine give me all the money you have taken from me back and invest it in my own retirement plan. If I had to get disability now, retired because of it now- (as I technically could due to scoliosis alone) I would not draw what I’ve paid in and I’ve worked since I was 14.5 years old, even being older I couldn’t get back what I have paid in. And to those who think that “Trickle down economics” is the answer wake up, wake up, wake up- it ain’t the first of the month party! Presidents Hoover, Reagan and Bush tried it and the results were? Anyone Anyone. I’ll wait! The hole has been dug so deep, it’s simply a mass grave and that is for all of us to get in it if we are not willing to demand our futures and plan otherwise accordingly.
The main and only issue that so many of you have is the name that was attached to the benefit is “Obama Phone”. If they’d put any other name and said Republicans did it, no problem. It’s obviously that because we only heard the rage when his name was attached when we’ve been paying for this for years!