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Anderson SC Presbyterian Church vandalized

The police department and city of Anderson took to Facebook Sunday afternoon with a photo showing the damage from the act of vandalism.

The photo shows three broken windows that are over 125 years old, Anderson Police said. The siding of the church was spraypainted in black with the partially misspelled, incorrect word choice in the phrases, “Submit to God thru Islam,” [sic] and “Muhammed is his prophet” [sic]

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Craig Mack, age 46 died in SC home.

Craig Mack, “Brand New Flava in Ya Ear” died Monday in his Walterboro, SC home, as reported first by New York Daily News on Monday. Craig Mack, 1971-2018, age 46. Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey confirmed the news to the Associated Press, revealing that Mack appeared to have died from natural causes at his home. Mack is a Brentwood, Long

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"Church Folks"

Now, lets be clear off the bat, this isn’t a publication written to convey any feelings of discord yet to grant much clarification as to the difference between “Church folks” and “Christians”. A good friend of mine, also a sister in Christ (Kingdom Kids) posted a status on Facebook about “church folk” and from some of the comments and one

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