North Topsail Beach faces a tax increase in continued hurricane relief

NTB faces a tax rate increase to $.41 from $.34 cents as a result of the devastation lingering from Hurricane Florence. The proposed budget inside and copies available at NTB Town Hall.

North Topsail Beach issued a press release statement on Tuesday informing the public of a necessary tax increase after the damages of hurricane Florence continue to wreak havoc on the budget.

The North Topsail Beach Board of Aldermen and Staff have worked diligently on the 2019-2020 Budget Ordinance. As a result of the budget workshops, work of staff and other input, the Proposed 2019-2020 Budget Ordinance is ready. This Budget Ordinance has an increase to the tax rate and items in which the board wants the public to be made aware of.

The proposed budget ordinance includes contingencies for continued repairs to damages caused by Hurricane Florence. It also includes a new Capital Reserve Fund to set aside funds for future capital needs throughout Town.

The town said following Florence that damage to the dunes amounted to approximately $15.5 million dollars. During the winter, work was done towards rebuilding the dunes and many berms are now barriers where dunes were before Florence. The north end of NTB also faced additional erosion concerns in the aftermath where the sandbag barriers pose means of protection.

Photos following Hurricane Florence 2018 by The Onslow Beat on NTB
NTB beaten after Florence. Photo Cred. The Onslow Beat
Photo Cred: The Onslow Beat

The new proposed tax rate is to be set at $.41 whereas the current rate is 34.35 cents per $100 valuation.

As an example of the difference: For a property valuation of $300,000, the total increase results in an additional $199.50 per year.

The Board has set the public hearing and any member of the public will be allowed to speak concerning the budget ordinance. The hearing will be June 20, 2019 at 6:00pm at the Sneads Ferry Library.

“The North Topsail Beach Board of Aldermen remain resolute in their commitment to rebuild the Town after the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence. They are even more committed in making sure the Town will be prepared for future projects through strong fiscal policy.”, stated the town of NTB.


Bringing the budget back with Brandless

With the holiday season upon us, many are looking for ways to squeeze more juice from the lemon and by lemon I mean wallet. I’ve discovered an online grocery shopping store that has items at $3 each and best of all, ORGANIC! Check it out.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays drawing near, most families are readjusting budgets and planning financially for the holiday cheer or a getaway from the “bah humbug” people in your life.

This holds merit especially when we have many people who are not yet recovered from Hurricane Florence and willing to try cutting corners to spare the wallet while still purchasing necessary goods for daily life. There are even some special cases like myself where income and jobs lost altogether or temporarily until damages are rectified meanwhile having a lifestyle that requires more.

So, I have been on a search for ways to cut the costs of necessary items but not cut the items. (Totally not unrealistic! I’m a big binder hauling, super couponing Mama just getting her mojo back!) Anyway, no big binder needed so don’t run away! Keep reading.

I will utilize online shopping needs when it works out better than the cost of fuel in my lovely SUVs fuel, time, energy and schedule efforts to purchase “land based.” Oh, and I get to avoid humans in crowded stores during FLU season. #Winning

I’m a Groupon lover! Groupon for cheap getaways, baecation (hip lingo for quick getaway with your someone special aka babe or formally known as “bae”…. Not so endearing to technical measure but anyway.), concert tickets, supplements, massages, restaurant deals, and etcetera.

Recently on Groupon I have stumbled upon a really affordable, trend worthy product site called Brandless and of course there was a super amazing Groupon deal! $20 purchase for TWO Groupon vouchers that are valued for $40 worth of product each.

What does Brandless have? Gluten free, vegan friendly, organic snacks and foods with a good majority priced at $3! Yes, just $3! Hold on, there’s more to save your moolah! They have household cleaners, body and hygiene products, cosmetic goods, and household items. FREE shipping if you are a member of B.More and that’s $36 annual membership cost or $5 flat shipping fee for all orders. Can’t beat it! I’m not a member just yet but something qualified my order for free shipping! I think it’s because it’s an order over $40.

But seriously, I’m excited to get our first shipment and I will update with photos once arrived. If you want to check it out for yourself, get started BRANDLESS. For the Groupon offer to go with: $20 for $40 Towards Everyday Essentials at Brandless. I managed to puchase 14 items for $20.50 with this offer.  Items ordered range from scented foaming hand soap, toilet tissue (2ply-6ct), sour gummy worms, sea salt popcorn, organic coconut oil (10oz), body scrub, bath gel and a variety of household cleaners.