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UPDATE: #FOUNDSAFE Two missing 12-year-old girls in Spartanburg SC

UPDATE: The girls have both been located and back with their parents and safe. ORIGINAL: Cassie Rose Bolick, age 12 and Kylie Elise Mooney, age 12, were reportedly dropped off at Spring Fling on April 27, 2019 and have since been reported missing. The two girls were reportedly dropped off at this event by a grandparent. The girls reportedly went

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INSIDE: 9-11 Call, teacher interviews and medical records released in the breaking case of RaNiya Wright

There are no charges in the death of the 10-year-old child RaNiya Wright who died last month in a nearby hospital following a fight at Forest Hills Elementary. It has been determined that RaNiya was not a victim of bullying and that her and the other student had verbal altercations on a regular basis that teachers have stated to have been mutual. Wright’s death is reported to be a result of a birth defect and not a result of the fight itself.

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SERIAL RAPIST: Accused robber-rapist with 13 incidents linked back to 1995

Spartanburg PD and Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office made an arrest this month in a 24-year-long string of cases that began as far back as 1995. 13-incidents with 12 victims of criminal sexual conduct or attempted criminal sexual conduct. The detectives finally saw a break in solving who the serial suspect was by DNA evidence that was analyzed by SLED giving a hit. All victims were white females, ages ranging from 14-51 years old. The accused never formed a specific pattern of targeting. A first court date has not been set yet for this suspect.

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