Laurinburg woman shot and died after a Facebook confrontation

Editorial intro: Another tragic event of a shooting death in N.C. this week, this one stemming from an online altercation over social media via Facebook. This story will hopefully be a wake up call to many who engage in online confrontation freely as if it never has consequences of life or death. We have recently seen where the profoundly app lead to a 19-year-old Illinois teenager to being stabbed to death following use of the app that allows people to ask users questions anonymously or make comments to them. Which in the matter of the “profoundly” case, 19-year-old Charee Alexander of Peoria, IL who died Friday, Apr. 12, 2019 after somehow becoming involved in a fight the day before. According to the mother of Alexander, she was not the main target, but more of an innocent bystander there supporting her sister who had gotten into an altercation with another girl.

However, this particular Laurinburg tragic story stems more towards text messages to FB then onto to the streets where many lives changed forever at the hands of uneccesary violence.

As most know, it is not the “usual” style of The Onslow Beat to include social media screenshots in such a manner as this in publishing. Yet, it seems imperative to show the nature of the conversation had leading up to this horrific event as well as warn others about engaging in online altercations. Facebook can be a great tool, it can also take your life, change your life in a bad way, land you with criminal charges and in jail or prison. Be wise with your use of all networks online. Proving you are brave and tough is not worth your last breath or serving hard time. If you see a loved one engaging in this kind of behavior, deescalate it, don’t encourage it! That may land you behind bars too. The official story and more below.

On Thursday, May 2, 2019, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, arrested William Brisson, 19, of Rockingham Road, Laurel Hill, NC, for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Pinkston.

William Brisson

On May 2, 2019, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, responded to 15261 Oak Street, Laurel Hill, NC, in reference to a shooting that occurred. Upon investigation, the criminal investigative unit found William Brisson, did shoot and attempt to kill Elizabeth Pinkston, age 30, during a verbal dispute. Brisson was taken into custody and charged. The incident occurred at the residence identified on Oak Street, which neither the victim nor the defendant resided at.

Pinkston was shot in front of her two young sons following an online altercation.

The altercation began between the two on social media via Facebook where you can see below, a post from Brisson telling the victim to “pull up” and talk that talk.



Screenshot from William Brisson's Facebook
Screenshot of William Brisson communicating with Facebook friends about him “waiting” [sic] on the now murder victim, Elizabeth to show up.
Screenshot of a woman who has identified herself as a family member of William Brisson who the night of the shooting was instigating and engaging in the online confrontation as well. Jennifer Wyand is seen here stating in a comment to Elizabeth Pinkston, “I don’t do guns but I got hands!!…” [sic]
SS from William's post
Here in this screenshot, you will see Elizabeth Pinkston (slain victim) responding to Jennifer Wyand (cousin of the shooter) stating in a comment “shit wassup tho, I’ll sling both.. and fuck no, I don’t what’s goin on yall MFs Wildin tho…But hey I’m with it” [sic] Elizabeth Pinkston continued, “Y’all comin at me like a fuckin bitch or sumn shit…tell me what’s REALLY goin on…”

Comments between Elizabeth and William in regards to an alleged disrespectful post as well as text conversations between what is assumed to be Jennifer and Elizabeth based on the context. Perhaps another person who was a middle man instigator of sorts between all parties involved.
Here in this SS Elizabeth Pinkston states, “I never once said you using that shit. But JENNIFER did. The only thing that was fucked up on my part was even mentioning shit to her mouthy ass. And you know I know better…y’all were fucked up and it wasn’t weed bitch…miss me with that shit…you and Jeremy both….”


In this SS Jennifer Wyand, cousin of the accused, William Brisson, says “You not going to come for my baby cuzz (cousin) like that and me not say anything to him about it!….” [sic]
Elizabeth attempted to diffuse the situation and deescalate it by saying “…you wanna settle it lil man just call me… we can be adults or you can keep entertaining MFs and keep this shit goin. Either way is fine with me…” [sic] William states, “Fuck settling shit you got me fucked up fuck you and anybody else wid (with) you (insert middle finger emoji)” [sic]

Elizabeth attempted to diffuse the situation and deescalate it by saying “…you wanna settle it lil man just call me… we can be adults or you can keep entertaining MFs and keep this shit goin. Either way is fine with me…” [sic] William states, “Fuck settling shit you got me fucked up fuck you and anybody else wid (with) you (insert middle finger emoji)” [sic]

Below are after the shooting death of Elizabeth Pinkston. img_2251-e1557096856696.png


Pinkston was taken to the Scotland Memorial Hospital where she received emergency surgery ultimately, being air flown to Charlotte, NC. Pinkston succumbed to her injuries just before midnight. The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigative Unit, will pursue First Degree Murder charges in the coming week. Additionally, the sheriff’s office will review potential charges for the shooting having occurred in the presence of both Pinkston’s surviving minor children.

Brisson is being held on a $500,000 secured bond however, will receive no bond once the charges are upgraded for the murder of Pinkston. Brisson remains in the custody of the Scotland County Detention Facility.

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office as well as The Onslow Beat extends their deepest condolences to the children, family and friends of Elizabeth Pinkston.


SERIAL RAPIST: Accused robber-rapist with 13 incidents linked back to 1995

Spartanburg PD and Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office made an arrest this month in a 24-year-long string of cases that began as far back as 1995. 13-incidents with 12 victims of criminal sexual conduct or attempted criminal sexual conduct. The detectives finally saw a break in solving who the serial suspect was by DNA evidence that was analyzed by SLED giving a hit. All victims were white females, ages ranging from 14-51 years old. The accused never formed a specific pattern of targeting. A first court date has not been set yet for this suspect.

(SPARTANBURG, SC)- Between 1995 and 2003, 12 women in Spartanburg County were the victims of criminal sexual conduct or attempted criminal sexual conduct. All of the offenses occurred at apartment complexes in the early morning hours, and from interviewing the victims, a suspect description was developed.

The victims in these cases described the offender as a black male, 5’10 to 6’00 tall, 160-180 pounds, well spoken, wearing dark clothing and either a ball cap or toboggan. The suspect’s actions in all the incidents were also very similar, leading investigators to believe that all the offenses were committed by the same person. Once the results of DNA analysis came back on the completed criminal sexual conduct cases, it confirmed all the incidents were committed by the same person. Despite numerous potential suspects being interviewed and their DNA collected and analyzed, the results never revealed a suspect. Further compounding the investigation is that the suspect never established a pattern, as evidenced by gaps of 16 months, 20 months, and 37 months between incidents. All the victims were white females, and their ages ranged from 14-51 years old. One of the victims was targeted twice, for a total of 13 incidents.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approximately six (6) months ago, investigators with both the Spartanburg City Police Department and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office began looking at these cases from a different perspective. Officers began an aggressive new look at the cases with specific emphasis on forensic evidence. Technological advances have allowed the investigative teams to expand their capabilities and review of the cases.

Investigators from both agencies worked tirelessly reviewing all of the old cases, re-interviewing victims, identifying potential family members of possible suspects, collecting new DNA samples, and sending that evidence to the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for analysis. SPD received a notification from SLED earlier this month that through their analysis, a suspect with a matching DNA profile had been identified. That profile matched the evidence collected from the victims in six (6) of the completed criminal sexual conduct cases.

Press Conference Live Stream with Spartanburg Herald-Journal 

For nearly 24 years, these investigators just had a sketch, statements and DNA samples collected from six incidents that matched the same person. In some of the incidents, it was a matter of no evidence to be collected or it was an attempted rape in other cases, which is why investigators couldn’t pin down who the suspect was for a long time.

The suspect was identified as Gregory Howard Frye, B/M, 121 Clint Ct., Spartanburg, SC, 29307. Frye was arrested by investigators from both agencies on April 3, 2019, and transported to the Spartanburg Police Department. Frye is charged with one count of Burglary – First Degree, Kidnapping, and Criminal Sexual Conduct – First Degree for one of the incidents in the county. Additional charges are pending, and Frye went before a magistrate, who informed him he would have to appear before a circuit court judge for arraignment at a later date.

Both Spartanburg agencies have been in contact with neighboring agencies in order to allow them to review any similar crimes in their jurisdictions. Two of Frye’s incidents occurred in the city limits of Spartanburg, and the remaining 11 incidents occurred in the county.

Here’s a map of the assaults that happened throughout Spartanburg County and the City of Spartanburg. Legend Purple: 1995 Brown: 1996 Green: 1997 Blue: 1998 Maroon: 1999 Yellow: 2002-2003

A background check shows Frye having three prior criminal charges in South Carolina, though he has several convictions for various traffic violations, including failure to stop for blue lights.  The cases were filed on 04/09/19 or 04/11/19 and a court appearance date is still pending being calendared at this time per the Spartanburg County Seventh Judicial Circuit Public Index.